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I said that this would be the year of completion for me. This would be the year that I would get long-worked-on or long-planned projects completed.

It is an auspicious goal, it is ambitious and over-reaching. And I have completed the first project.

The Needlecraft Project is Done!

Why does something like this take so long? I have only been working on it since my oldest son was a baby. I would do a little here and there, bring it out when he was sleeping and then put it away for a year or five.
I found it last year and decided to get it finished. Fill in that pitcher, complete the outline stitching and revel in a project completed.

Where I Started From This January.

I am so glad this project is done. Now on to the antique quilt!


A Quilt I Have Completed

As a quilter, it gets frustrating when I can’t get a chance to sew. There are various reasons why. But one thing I do to solve the problem is to go to a sewing day once a month at my local quilt shop.

For eight glorious hours I can cut, seem, adjust and bind whatever I am working on at the moment. This month, I had completed a quilt I have been working on for my babysitter. One of my favorite crafting blogs, Mia’s Country Living, recently displayed her denim quilt and I thought I could do the same with my recently completed denim quilt.

Denim Quilt

The patch sections are a simple four-patch. She wanted colors of red, black and white but no cutesy calico prints. This made it challenging. I found prints with big flowers or circle prints. One print I threw in because it had a Japanese flavor although not specifically red. Others had some glitz to them that worked out well. I should also mention that she is my son’s girlfriend and sees interesting bits of my fabric stash all of the time.

Picture by My Husband

I think she likes it.

What are you working on?