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Here it is – April.

All of those New Year’s resolutions are a memory. Well, for some of us.

My big resolution was to start completing things. And I have started doing that.

I fixed my couch with big pillows and small pillows, giving up on those pillow-backs that never stayed in place.

A long worked on needle craft project has been finished.

We finally bought a pretty day-bed frame for my daughter’s room.

The first chapter of my novel was critiqued by my writer’s group.

Starting this month we are back on a budget.

I have started work on the front flower garden the shape it better with the plants that are already there.

My latest accomplishment is making two new skirts to broaden my wardrobe options. The one not pictured has a black background with dark sage green flowers with red centers. The one pictured here has a white background with brightly colored swooshes.

Both can be worn with a black sweater and tank top. The other day I wore the brighter skirt with a red tank top and it looked spiffy.

What I need is a medium hot pink tank top to wear under the cardy. I could use some new shoes but that can wait.

For now, I am happy to get a few more things completed. Next up – a new dress for my daughter.

What are you completing so far this year?


Tulips Abounding

Pink tulips waiting for the rain to end.

Watching the tulips blossom

Tulips in the Grotto.

has made this rainy spring bearable.

From yellow to pinks to reds, the color display has been wonderful.
All of these are favorites as I walk the dog around town.
The tulips in the grotto were picked because I love the way they ‘just happen’ to appear around the bases of these bushes – scattered and occaisional.  

Yellow tulips against a Sage green house.

Tulips dancing around the pole.
Around the corner from my house



The tulips at my house.

How do the tulips look in your neighborhood?

New Outfits!

 One of the sad parts of this weight-loss journey has been the loss of old favorite outfits.

My swingy black skirt and white denim pants had to go away because they were falling off my hips. This is a great development because it meant I had to get new clothes.

While I was sick in December and spending too much time in bed, I would peruse several clothing catalogs. Monroe and Main would have these great outfit layouts taking five or six building block pieces and create outfits. I looked at them and realized that I had most pieces but could use a few more to create a better wardrobe for myself.

Plus, I have been inspired for several months to start doing a semi-regular fashion post by The Pleated Poppy blog. Lindsey and sometimes a guest poster takes pictures of the worn outfits for the week and puts them up for the rest of us to see. It is an effort on Lindsay’s part to dress better. I like it to see combinations I may not have put together.

So here are a few new pieces in my wardrobe with old pieces to even it out.

Jeans and White Shirt

 Jeans are from Target, bought from the clearance section. My budget that day was $20. I gathered a bunch and then saw jeans in the clearance section. Tried them all on but these straight hips with a boot cut leg is what I bought for $12.00 which allowed me to get a new stretch top as well. That piece is not shown here. However, I pair these jeans with a white blouse and belt it with the shirt tails out.

Black-and-White plaid skirt with white tank and light blue cardy.

I just finished this skirt at my sewing day at my favorite quilt shop. I have been working on it for a little bit at an earlier sewing day. This session Barb helped me out by serging the hem of the lining and the waistband. And then she taught me how to put in a zipper in a much better method. Ecstatic is how I am feeling.

I am pairing it with my light blue cardigan (consignment shop) and favorite white cotton tank bought at Lane Bryant.  The skirt had light blue threads worked in and I thought this would be a good mix for spring.

Dark Tan Sweater and Red Flowered Skirt

I love the color red but my rosacea does not. So I am putting red on the bottom with a skirt I altered to fit the wider waist I have now than when I first made this skirt. The hem hits just under the knees, my preferred length. I have had this sweater for several years and purchased it from Chadwicks of Boston. It is a great neutral with a skirt or jeans. I also wear my jean jacket with this outfit now that a parka is not required outer-wear.

Have you picked up any new clothes this spring?

How High Can You Go?

Sunday night the husband called me over so I could watch the Grammys with him.

I was going back and forth because I was doing stuff, important stuff like facebook and checking the numbers on the blog. I might have been looking around at other blogs as well. Despite being a big music person, I am not interestd in the Grammys.

The husband called me over because it was time for Cee Lo to perform. I love Forget You  and may have forced the husband to watch the Glee episode when Gwyneth Paltrow sang his song. I did make him watch SNL when Cee Lo was on and he became a fan.

Christian Louboutin Leather Peep-Toe Ankle Boots in Brown. Only Gwyneth gets custom colors. Picture from http://www.net-a-porter.com


It is a fun performance with muppets and Cee L0 in some crazy outfit. That is when Gwyneth shows up on the top of the stairs. She is wearing heels that are impossible tall. Some heels do a trick where the front part of the sole of about 1 – 1 1/2 inch platform to make the heel less high and less dangerous. Gwyneth’s shoes had this but the heel still looked to be about six inches long.

“Holy Cow! I could never wear shoes like that,” I am thinking. I notice that Gwyneth appears to be holding on that rail and the piano for balance. She’s a pro because I would have been holding on for dear life.

The amazing thing is I go looking around for these shoes and find them at She Finds. Not only am I right about the platform height but I ‘nailed’ the heel height as well. However, I am not buying these Christian Louboutin’s anytime soon because they cost $1095 and only come in a brown color.

If I am going to put myself in mortal peril (you have never seen me walk in heels and don’t know how true this statement is), I can do it for free. Even though I desire a pair of Louboutins with the trademark red under color, I have better things to do with that amount of money. Like pay my mortgage.

So to celebrate crazy shoe choices let’s watch that clip of Cee Lo and Gwyneth singing with muppets one more time.

Wear Red!

Are you looking around and seeing a lot of red?

But then you think “Oh, it’s Friday. People are getting excited for the weekend.” Considering the snow event we just had, it makes a little sense that people want a little fun.

Rhinestone Dress Brooch ($29.00); picture from http://www.shop.heart.com

Another good look tells you it is mostly women wearing red. Those women who are not wearing red are wearing cute little dress pins.

What’s going on?

Well, it is the big “Go Red” day sponsored by the American Heart Association.

It is an effort to make women more aware that they need to take care of their heart health. I am more than aware of this issue because my paternal grandmother had her first heart attack at the age of 40. Plus, her husband’s family had a history of diabetes that also affects heart health.

The scary thing was checking out the website on the page about understanding your risks. Women make about 60% of the deaths from strokes. Just being post-menopause puts you at greater risk. And women tend to have slightly different symptoms during a heart attack than men and get their health concerns pushed aside.

However, the American Heart Association encourages people to get on the treadmill, start an exercise routine or find a way to be active. Work on a diet that has heart healthy foods with a calorie count no lower that 1200 calories per day.

Then they throw out that great little fact that 1-2 pounds per week is what healthy weight loss looks like and not 20 pounds in two weeks.

For those of us who promised ourselves to move more and eat less, to finally lose those nagging pound it is a great reminder to get back on that goal. I don’t know about you but I have been battling and fighting. My tummy measurement is under (just under but I will take it) 42 inches.

Picture by solrac gi 2nd

Like everything else, it is tough. I love eating sweets and bread. My  coffee must have creamer in it and I like the sweetened variety. But I also like fruit and vegetables. The husband and I are making the effort to eat more salads at dinner time. I am trying to stay on my big liquid intake.

The point I am trying to make is that this kind of weight loss does not happen over night and those of us working on it need all of the encouragement we can get. 

If that means going red for one day, I am doing it.

How do you work on heart health?

Family Movie Night

Have you noticed more movies about people in their 50’s and 60’s?

Maybe it’s me not noticing till now or maybe there are enough aging Baby Boomers in Hollywood that still want to be viable or see movies featuring people like themselves.

Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman in "Red," Picture from IMDb.com.

This question comes to the forefront of my mind after seeing commercials all weekend for Red starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren as retired CIA operatives who come back together to figure out why they are being hunted.

This movie came out to the home theater market on January 25th and actually made money at the theaters when it was released back in October. I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to the movies and do not remember this one at all. However, as it made $90+ million at the box office one can only assume that plenty of people did know about this movie.

Something about the trailer does give me a small thrill and I have put it on the “must watch” list because there is something about a decent action-adventure I truly enjoy. Not only that but I love it when John Malkovich gets off his high horse. He looks a little nutty, a little crazy and not his usual self.

Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep in "It's Complicated," PIcture from IMDb.com

This past weekend when the husband and I could not watch The Social Network because it had been taken already, we went for It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. Instead of being impressed by a 26-year-old billionaire, I was impressed by a bunch of 50+ year olds being willing to explore love and sex at their age, with people their age.

Meryl Streep and Steve Martin in "It's Complicated," Picture from IMDb.com.

 In my opinion, the movie did not really take off until half way through. But there were searing honest moments between Meryl and her two suitors that wrenched my heart. Other moments, including the obligatory “togetherness” scene, were a lot of fun between Streep and Martin.

 Directed by Nancy Myers, this is not her first time with ‘senior lovers’ but it is a better effort and a truer ending than Something’s Gotta Give.

Sylvester Stallone in "The Expendables," Picture from IMDb.com

 The last movie I must mention in this set is The Expendables. These movie stars Sylvester Stallone (who also directed) and Jason Statham as mercenaries hired to take out a South American trouble maker. But they get down to the country and find out the truth. Suddenly sides are getting switched and souls redeemed.

 The fun part of this movie is that it also stars Jet Li, Adolph Lundgren, Steve “Stone Cold” Austin and other action stars we knew from the 80s and 90s. There are even cameos from uber action guys, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. This movie is not meant to be taken seriously; there is not stunning dialogue or deeper characterizations. It is meant to be a love letter to those old movies. Sometimes you need to take a time out from seriousness.

 The thing you have to remember is that Stallone is 64 in this movie and he chooses to fight Austin in one scene. Guts or stupidity, I guess it is whatever it takes to make an entertaining flick.

 Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

A Quilt I Have Completed

As a quilter, it gets frustrating when I can’t get a chance to sew. There are various reasons why. But one thing I do to solve the problem is to go to a sewing day once a month at my local quilt shop.

For eight glorious hours I can cut, seem, adjust and bind whatever I am working on at the moment. This month, I had completed a quilt I have been working on for my babysitter. One of my favorite crafting blogs, Mia’s Country Living, recently displayed her denim quilt and I thought I could do the same with my recently completed denim quilt.

Denim Quilt

The patch sections are a simple four-patch. She wanted colors of red, black and white but no cutesy calico prints. This made it challenging. I found prints with big flowers or circle prints. One print I threw in because it had a Japanese flavor although not specifically red. Others had some glitz to them that worked out well. I should also mention that she is my son’s girlfriend and sees interesting bits of my fabric stash all of the time.

Picture by My Husband

I think she likes it.

What are you working on?

Red Dreams

Why do we love what we love?

I, truly, have no idea.

2011 Chevy Equinox, Picture from anycarinfo.com

Last week I made a reference about my favorite crossover vehicle. I didn’t name it but it is the Chevy Equinox. I have no idea what it is about this car. When I look at it I find myself drawn to the lines, the hatchback and the size. I can see my family toodleling around in the car with the dog in the hatchback area. It may not hold as many people as my mini-van used to but I think I am ready for that.

What I love most is the red color. It is crimson with a touch of orange in the mix. It attracts me and makes me want to have the car no matter what.

This is one color I cannot wear. I have rosacea and a red top just makes it more apparent. When I wear red it seems as if my face glows like Rudolph during flight. Granted, the rosacea is much better than it used to be. I used to get angry red bumps from cheek to cheek.

So I changed my diet by dropping soda and adding green tea. I wear lotion with SPF 15 and drink lots of water. And I have stopped wearing red. All of these tactics make my cheeks look better. But it has not ended my love affair with the color.

Picture by Chelle

I find myself attracted to red fabrics for quilting. I like adding touches of red in my home decor and there is nothing like a deep red tomato nestled against mayonnaise in a sandwich. When I see this car and others in the same hue, I can not stop looking at them.

I want that car!!!!

Reality says this is not happening for a while. Reality says I need to get budget problems under control and then the next new car I buy will only be new to me.

Reality really stinks sometimes.

Picture by Bowlingranny

So in the meantime I am enjoying the view and hoping that when everything gets better, there will be a red crossover vehicle in my driveway, right next to my red roses.