Goats at the County Fair, picture from My Daisy Days

Last week we had the County Fair. And, oh, what fun.

I admit to enjoying walking through the cow barns, the horse barns and the rabbit barn. Even the poultry, goats, and sheep are enjoyable. Then there is the Creative Arts building with the 4-H projects and open exhibits from the adults who still grow vegetables and flowers, sew clothing and quilts, and have collections.

I could take this time to brag that my husband’s peppers took a red ribbon as did my tied quilt. But bragging is very bad so I will not do so.

Instead, I want to open a discussion of much more importance. Which is better eating at a county fair – funnel cakes or elephant ears?

I could make a case for each greasy delight. Flour, sugar and water combined and cooked in boiling grease then coated with either powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. The dough can be slightly crunchy or soft and warm.

At the fair this year, they had fillings to put on either of these creations. Bavarian Cream, Cherry, Chocolate. All tempting and combinable.

Elephant Ear, picture from focosi.net

I find the elephant ear suitable for singular pleasure. It can be torn apart, piece by piece. Each bite a wonder with the cinnamon flavor. I also find it needs to be lifted for best eating.

Funnel Cake, picture by Bandini

But the funnel cake with its little bits and parts makes for better sharing, in my mind. Everyone can take a piece a little at a time – be it the crunch or soft bits. When you do take your bit, you can dip it in the extra powdered sugar on the plate.

It is one of my favorite parts of fair and I never cease in delighting in having one or the other.

This year, I only had the funnel cake. The children and I shared one in which we pulled at it and took our favorite parts. I taught Sam, the youngest, how to dip his pieces into the sugar. Sweet, crunchy, warm and soft. It is all there.

Yet,   I wonder is one better than the other. There is another county fair at the end of August.  Perhaps this is going to take more taste-testing as I do not have an answer.

Do you?