Many of my weekday mornings are spent at Northfield Square Mall from 8 am till 9 am.

It is not because there are terrific sales going on at that time of the day. In fact, most of the stores are closed or only have one or two people in them, adjusting displays or doing the daily clean up work. Only Taco John’s is open to provide beverages to those early walkers.

What I – and several other people – go for is the chance to walk without having to deal with the cold weather. Some people are walking by themselves, others are in two’s and three’s. All are walking around the mall at the pace that best suits them. Depending on how fast you go, it can take 10- 15 minutes to go around the entire building.

Many times when I am walking, I join my pastor and his wife. They go at a pretty fast clip, which is great for me. At this rate I am going to be losing my left-over pregnancy belly by springtime. Because of the various studies that have stated and verified that belly fat is a leading factor in heart problems and diabetes, I am trying to decrease mine. Let me give credit to where credit is due because I do not think I would be seeing changes already if were not for Debbie’s quick steps.

I think I have shared in the past that my family has a history of heart attacks and diabetes. I do not want to be like my grandmother, who had her first heart attack when she was forty. Nor do I want to be the next relative who announces they have diabetes. That is why I walk in the mall every morning I get.

Besides losing my love handles, there is another benefit. I get to learn great snippets of information. I recently heard a group of men talking about the History Channel’s new reality show called Pawn Stars. This is a show about a pawn shop that has ritzier clientele and interesting items that come in. Having never seen the show before, I am willing to tune in to this new gem on Monday nights.

Another thing I’ve learned, besides Wet Seal having the boots I want, is that Aéropostale is having a great deal on jeans. You bring in an old pair that can be donated to Haiti and the store will give you 25% off on a new pair of jeans. You cannot miss the huge packing boxes in the windows.

According to the website, some of Aéropostale’s jeans start at $45 – $50. But that doesn’t mean the price is still at that level. What I do think is great is that commerce is willing to do something to help others in a time of great need. For more information call the Northfield Square Mall location at (815) 935-8850.

I am not sure what else I am going to learn on these daily walks but I am willing to find out!

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