Have you been hit with the Stylish Blogger Award yet?

I have. The first time I made a big to-do and threw in a Sally Fields quote. I told the husband and he was all “heh.”

That’s how it goes. A big deal to those of us who care and a big nothing to the rest of the world.

So when gmomj,  saturdayeveningporch and note2ourselves all let me know I need to check out their blogs, I was honored. It is reassuring to know that in this blogging world people purposely read what I have to write. In turn, I get to see the other people they have nominated and discover others in this world.

It is easy to be isolated, to get isolated whether in the real world or the computer world or the world of your work/family community. In meeting these other bloggers, I get outside of myself (a good thing) and see other parts of the country/world.

There are requirements to this award. I have to give you links to my nominators, tell you a few more details about myself and nominate a few others for the title as well as inform them of their nomination.

Fun Facts about Rumbly

1. Rumbly is spelled correctly. Spell check and reference back to Winnie the Pooh have verified it.

2. My biggest pet peeve is watching people drive their big honking SUVs while texting. Makes me wish I could hand tickets with big, big fines.

3. The enormity of the universe, the dramatic changes of the weather and the beauty of the night-time sky never fails to amaze me.

4. There is nothing like trying a new recipe.

5. Someday I would like to return to England, see Africa and Australia and visit more of the US than I have so far. My father has been to all 50 states and that is something I would like to do as well.

Now for some but not all favorite bloggers.

1. I was on another blog when commentors stated they love to have their coffee break with Mostly Bright Ideas. So I went for a visit and saw the reason for all of this love. I sometimes take my coffee break while reading his blog but not when I am drinking coffee because I end up laughing and spitting coffee on my computer screen.

2. Traveling through the camera of Dakota .D Journal has allowed me to see parts of France and Spain. I look forward to each series when it pops up on my subscription list.

3. As a writer, there is a joy in reading other writers going through similar situations or talking about the writing life. They get it and say it in better vocabulary. How I found Broadside Blog, I am not sure. But I am hooked. Read it every chance I get.

4. I love to cook. Sweets are my favorite thing despite the fact I have to buy pie crust. Cannot make a decent pie crust to save my soul. Thank God there are a number of bloggers who talk about their adventures in the kitchen. We Four (5) Kings was freshly pressed last week with this great cookie recipe. I made it over the weekend and almost ate half of the dough before I began baking. Tasty!

5. As an English major I read many, many books. Somehow not as many modern pieces of literature as I should have. But then I go to 101 Books to be inspired by what is being read and what Robert’s reaction is to the current book.

Picture by Wcizmowski

So now that these worthy bloggers have been informed of their nomination, I await seeing who is given the Stylish Blogger award from them.