I try not to get caught up with reality shows and contest shows.

It leads to bad things for my digestion.

Picture by Clarita

But I am really upset about Dancing With The Stars this season. If you have been watching, you know what I am talking about.

How is it that Bristol Palin has stayed on the show for this long?

Yes, she is cute and sweet but Audrina was sweet and cute with more natural grace. Sure, she works the technical aspects of her dance but Kurt Warner actually did the steps for a jive – with charm. Plus, he showed us how to pray for a competition without wishing for the other teams to lose.

Our family could not believe we were sitting there watching Brandy and Kurt wait to see who was going home. Brandy is on fire and Kurt can be so Gene Kelly-esque. Kurt should have been in the hunt for that final spot on the top three.

I was so aggravated I might have yelled “Aw, c’mon” at the TV when Bristol and Mark were declared safe. The kids were around and I couldn’t say what I really wanted to say.

My husband guesses that it is the members of the Tea Party using every method of voting that they can to keep the daughter of the former vice-presidential candidate on the air. But I will tell you this.  I am not feeling the crowd pull for Bristol they way they did for Kelly Osborne.

Whenever Kelly hit the stage, there was an energy boost that could have powered three states. She challenged herself and excelled. Kate Gosselin never matched this level of commitment and failed during Season 10. Bristol may not be as jaded and paparazzi-hunted as the j&k+8 star was but nor is she making the strides that Osborne did.

Every week, I watch Bristol in another wooden performance along with half-hearted dance moves and wonder how she stays while others more worthy (Audrina, Rick and Kurt) leave. Watch her footwork – it never matches Mark’s. Never! As for full disclosure, while I might disagree with her mother in regards to politics, I am judging Bristol solely on her dancing ability.

Kyle Massey is Bristol’s age, has never danced before and shows great agility as well as being able to take in criticism to make himself better. He sparkled from the start and has made the effort to improve immensely.

Picture by Pentracs

I am tired of hearing how “Bristol is trying so hard.” Really? Last time I looked, 50-year-old Jennifer is fighting back with a loosey-goosey knee and various neck issues. Shouldn’t these issues be holding Jennifer back? 

Fans of the show, heed my warning. Make sure you vote for the best dancing and not because you like the politics/belief system of the parent of a contestant.

Let the dancing rule the outcome of the Mirror Ball Trophy!