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The Fluffy Nose

Wordless Wednesday


Rudolph the Red-Nose Ford

As we finish up the holiday season, when should we take it all down?

A truth in the world…

wordless Wednesday

A sign in the wine shop.

What’s Up, Detroit?

Wordless Wednesday

For those who care about football and music, there has been an eruption of disgust in Detroit because the band performing at the big deal Thanksgiving game is Nickelback.

You don’t know who they are?  Well, here is a picture.

Image from bestweekever.tv


The problem is not that the band is awful, although some would disagree, or that their music isn’t riotous enough. The problem is the lads are – Canadian. And some fans are wondering why a Canadian band is playing in an American football stadium at halftime on the biggest AMERICAN holiday of the year.

Michigan state native Bob Seger still performs and I bet Eminem might have been willing. Kid Rock or Ted Nugent might have been willing. Some might have gone fora boring Mo-Town retread. Or maybe they wanted to have THANKSGIVING with their families. For Nickelback, this is no special holiday and therefore they are not missing out on something.

I thought I would post a few of their songs so the uninitiated could go “oh, I’ve heard that song.”

First up is my favorite.





Just like this one. Love the phrasing





Finally, the one that caught my attention; seems like it was the breakthrough song. And this video is great. How many people and places do you recognize?




Have you heard of these guys before and what do you think of their music?



Tasty Pumpkin Cupcakes

Wordless Wednesday

I have a great recipe for Pumpkin Cupcakes that I found at AllRecipes.com.  It is a cake recipe that I made into cupcakes and cover with cream cheese frosting. They are a big hit. 

Gathering of most of the ingredients


The recipe calls for only cinnamon. I added nutmeg, ginger and a dash of allspice.


Dry ingredients on top, wet on the bottom.


Batter Completed


It made 27 cupcakes plus a little cake.




What are you doing in the kitchen?

Wordless Wednesday

Today, I am sharing a few favorite tunes.

Image by Earl 53

This first tune has been around for what seems like forever. Apparently it was written for Sinatra but Babs has made it her own. There are versions by Sarah Vaughn, Shirley Bassey and Fantasia. I personally like this version because the music background is stark and never overpowering of the poetic lyrics.

Bobbi Jeam Wilson singing \”What are You Doing the rest of Your Life.\”


Image from GeorgeHarrisonDaily.tumblr.com


George Harrison recently was given the Martin Scorsee treatment in a new documentary. Paul may be the Tin Pan Alley songwriter, John was the experimental one, while Ringo was Ringo. But George was the poet, putting the most difficult feelings into melodic song.

The Beatles \”While My Guitar Gently Weeps.\”



Image from Wikipedia




Now the weather today is sad and gloomy. The skies are grey, the ground is wet. Leaves are matted and brown on the ground. That is when you need a song to lift your spirits and make you feet move. Chrissy, take us to the Middle of The Road.



Signs of Fall

Wordless Wednesday

Big Halloween Display

Osage Orange or Hedgeapple


Hanging Ghost


Combine in the Field


Bushes made into Ghosts


Unloading the Grain Truck into the Silo


Spider's Web

What signs of fall have you seen?

Just a song or two…

Wordless Wednesday

Picture by Mods

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite songs. The first is a Rolling Stones song. I used to hate them when I was a kid. But these days, I understand them better. This song is one of my favorites, love it for not being a traditional song – Mick is rapping a bit – and the really bad back-up by Keith and Ron.


Shattered by the Rolling Stones

The next I love because Adele is one of the best singers I have ever heard. This song was recorded when she was 19. I never had this amount of vocal shading before listening and studying Reba McIntire; Adele’s talent is only going to grow.



This last one hits me there, you know what I mean. Those English girls really do it well.

What are your favorite songs?

Out On The Lake.

Wordless Wednesday

Last week we took a lovely cruise on Lake Michigan to see the fireworks at Navy pier. Here are a few pictures I took before motion sickness got the better of me. However, after my 14 y.o. son was sick with the same thing over the weekend, I am beginning to wonder if I had the same thing that was aggravated by the waves. I was sicker much longer than I should have been.

Even so, here are some of my pictures of the trip. It was truly wonderful.

They followed us out and later followed us in.


Doesn't that make you want to own one?


Miine! Miine! Miine!


On the high waters of Lake Michigan.


The reflection of the moon on the Lake.

What has been the highlight of your summer?

On to The Fair

Wordless Wednesday

The county fair opens today, which means last night we delivered our final projects. The fair is assembled and waiting for visitors.



Part of our 4H club's display


4H Grain Projects


Pretty Horse .


Our rabbit, Thumper.


Elephant Ears and Funnel Cakes at one stand. Oh, my!


The Midway getting ready.


My 14-year-old's favorite ride!


The lights are calling.

Are you going to the county fair?

The Sea of Snow

Wordless Wednesday

Six months ago, snow was the topic of our lives.


My Neighbor's Pine Tree


Playing with Christmas Toys outside

Snow, Snow, snow everywhere


Picture by Sue Molyneaux

And it felt as if it was never going to end.