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Image by Wallyir

We have had a strange winter this year. There has been one bad snow storm, a few days of cold temperatures, a little wind, and that’s it.

There have been fog and grey days that can make a person feel incredibly sad. I have to make sure I have something to do that gives me satisfaction with a sign of completion. Otherwise, I grow very sad without the sunlight.



Another thing I do is keep indoor plants going. I cannot do this at home as the boys have a way of destroying plants and other things in the house. But I have a  Philodendron in the office living quite nicely. Just this week I noticed beautiful glossy leaves and loved their bright appearance.

My goal with this plant is to water it on a regular basis and dust it every so often so that the plant’s pores do not get blocked.





My Front Garden

One has to wonder what this warm weather is doing to our plants. I know the bulbs will be ok because they miscalculate and still have wonderful flowers. My garden looks pretty dreary right now.

The green you see is our christmas tree that is place there for the birds who come to our feeders everyday. I request this so the birds have someplace to go when  they come in for a snack.


Some plants weather the cold better than others. Pansies, which some of us plant in the fall come back nicely. This year the warmer weather have kept my pansies from going totally dormant. I had flowers on some of my plants. But look at the picture, this plant is starting from scratch. If the weather keeps up being so nice, I will have new flowers soon.


The surprise in my garden this week were the mums. In the past I have had a hard time getting hardy mums to come back. The one particular plant is near my front stairs and benefits from air warming without the sun signing on it right away. I have been told that helps the plant by not getting sunlight on it right away.

While this plant is hardier than most, I do worry what might happen if we get a snowstorm or another big freeze. However, the groundhog did see his shadow and that means six more weeks of winter. 

Good thing I still have my gloves in tact.


This is the pair of socks I am wearing for the rest of winter. By the end of this week, the Midwest is going into the deep freeze. I heard 5 was going to be the high for Friday. That’s right 5 degrees. I do not want to even know about the windchill.

My Favorite Winter Socks

I stole was given these socks by my husband who bought a five pack from K-Mart. That’s right, K-Mart. Not Dick’s Sporting Goods, not Farm and Fleet or even Wal-Mart. They are thick and warm and make me feel all cozy.

There is a reason why they are being shown today. I love the blog entries by The Pleated Poppy called What I Wore Wednesday.

Every week she have a pictorial essay on what she has worn for the past week. Part of it was to encourage herself to dress better and the other half is encouraging the rest of us to share our pictures.

As much as I want to do this, I am also wary because the only room with a full length mirror in my house is a wreck. So to ease myself into that entry, I started with showing one of my quilts last week. This week I present my socks.

I am trying to stay warm this week. And as for the dog’s afternoon walk? Well, he either crosses his legs or does everything within five minutes because that is all the time I am spending outside during single digit weather.

How are you keeping warm?

The Beauty of Hoarfrost

 Yesterday as I drove to work I noticed my world became one filled with crystaline trees and bushes. A fog had gone through in the early morning hours and left frozen moisture on the branches. The picture below is a pretty good depiction of what I saw.

The frost simply shimmers and shines as the sun dances upon the frozen droplets. Before it melts away, we live in a crystal world that dazzles before disappearing.

Tree covered with Hoar Frost, Picture by Black Creed

 It is what one calls Hoar Frost. Some dictionaries define it as frozen dew that comes in the shape of tiny needles. We always notice it after any foggy morning. It is quite beautiful as we head north and west towards our church on a Sunday morning.

Close up of Hoar Frost, Picture by Idaho Editor

Now, I know what you are thinking. What a terrible name for something so beautiful. But this is one of those words that come from the German language according to Dictionary.com. Some note its use around the 12oos, other claim it comes from before 900 A.D.

According to Blurtit.com, the origins are from the German word “herh” which means sublime. But “Herr” is a proper title for a man, as in Herr Schmidt. So the term could be old/grey combined with frost.

I would like to think it means sublime because the look of hoarfrost in the morning is just that. I also find it suitable for December when we still love snow and find it magical. Quite frankly, hoarfrost makes snow magical in January and February as well. By then the feeling is as fleeting as the hoarfrost.

How do you find the magical in wintertime?