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The Last Planting of the Year

Side view of the front garden for better viewing

Yesterday, I put in the fall mums that will finish off the garden for the year. I made the placement of the new plants to contrast off the existing plants. I am considering getting one more to put in the left corner to balance the view from the front.
This is the last planting of new plants I will do for the year. Soon, I will remove the tomato frames that have held up the peony plants. After that I will cut down those and other perennials that are no longer green.
As the gardening year closes out I am looking at the cosmos plants that grew but never bloomed, the zinnias that are about to bloom, tons of seeds that never produced. I plant to put seeds in this fall that will be next year’s flowers before I put on the final layers of compost and dead leaves.
Sometimes what I will do is leave plants to be winter interest. Plants such as clematis and the peonies. In the spring I clean up the dried out remains that have also protected the bulbs I have layered about. I do put compost on some perennials and the mums in the hope they will come back.
This is also the time of the year I plant bulbs. When I was digging for the mums, I hit some of my tulip bulbs. So I took those out and plan to plant to move them to my hosta bed.
I saw an article this past spring showing how to make that hosta bed better looking in the early spring with a mix of tulips and daffodils. That means I am heading to the garden center with the intention of getting bulbs to make the least loved garden space a little prettier.
Here is my list of plant in the garden this year. Now I can start thinking of what to plant for next year to compliment what is already there.
Bachelor Buttons/Cornflower
Black Eyed Susan
Blackberry Lilies


Four O’Clock
Grape Hyacinth
Morning Glory
Pink Flowering Dogwood Tree
Purple Cone Flower
Purple Obedient Plant
Red Salvia
Spider Wort
Star of Bethlehem
Trailing Geranium
White Cone Flower
White Obedient Plant

A Mix of Weeds and Flowers

Blackberry Lily


In July, the Blackberry Lilies   

 begin to bloom. Now I am sure you are wondering where this name comes from and to be honest it has nothing to do with the flower. The flower looks like a miniature  Tiger Lily. But in a few weeks when the flower turns into a seed pod and the pods opens the seeds look like a blackberry.  

I take the seeds and throw them in the spots I want them to grow. But the birds like to eat them and now my neighbor has a few of these flowers as well.  



Walmart Roses


The roses are on their second round of blooming thanks to all of the rain we have gotten this summer. Granted it makes my life harder with all of the humidity that drains my energy. But when you see these roses, all is almost forgiven.  

To keep the blooms coming, especially in years without great rain, I do two things during the season. I cut back the spent flowers so the plant does not go into seed production. And I water the roots two times per week by setting the hose near the root base. I leave it there for about twenty minutes to ensure a good soaking without drowning the plant.  I bought the plant 10 years ago for $5.00 and I have kept it going all that time with these simple steps.


weed vine with white flowers


I cannot find the name of this vine. All I know is that it is a weed that tries to take over and I hate it.
I have ignored this particular part of the garden and the vine is taking over some clumps of day lilies. This week I am ripping it out and trying to find the root to dig it out.
I don’t believe in using chemicals to get rid of weeds in the garden but this one may make me change my mind.
Last but not least is a picture of me in the garden. I have been working hard so I am schlumped over and looking fatter than I really feel. In the last few months I have lost inches around the waist and fat off of the face. But here you cannot tell I have lost anything.
Me in the garden

In my mind I feel as if I am at least ten pounds slimmer. The husband took this picture, allegedly about the garden. Because the peonies are in bloom this must have been in May. Sadly, the weeds have taken over again while I was at VBS and not able to weed every night. 

This week I am back in the garden with my weed stick and weed bucket, a one gallon ice cream bucket.  Perhaps I should switch to the five gallon bucket.


This week Betty White will appear on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Perhaps you are not familiar with the 88-year-old actress who was a big hit in the Snickers commercial that played during the Supper Bowl.

Betty White from Bring Down The House, picture from IMDb.com

 White is playing football with her buddies and playing like an 88-year-old woman. They give her smack and she gives it right back until she eats a Snickers bar. Then the young man is feeling like himself again.

 It was such a great commercial that there was a Facebook page petitioning SNL to have White be a host. At least she is not hocking some bad movie or her latest album or some bad product. What White is going to give us is comedy done in the best manner old school can give it.

 This is a woman who played the man-eater Sue Ellen on the Mary Tyler Moor Show. Many know her from Golden Girls in which she was the sweet and naive Rose who got more men than the sex pot play by Rue McClanahan.

 White’s re-emergence made me thought of other older actors who may have done amazing things in movies.

Movie poster for Cocoon, icture from IMDb.com The first, of course, has to be Cocoon directed by Ron Howard. This PG-13 rated movie is about how seniors at a residential center are suddenly able to do things they have not done for many years thanks to something in the water of a nearby swimming pool. Don Ameche and Wilford Brimley helped make this movie quite popular.

 Doris Roberts as Nana in Aliens In The Attic, picture from IMDb.comAnother movie that we happened to recently watch is Aliens in the Attic  has an incredible wire-fu scene with Doris Roberts, from Everybody Loves Raymond. In this particular flick, the kids of the family figure out there are unfriendly aliens in the attic of the family vacation home.

 Thee aliens are looking for something and will not rest until they find it. Plus the aliens have a special weapon that can make robots out of humans. This particular scene has the grandkids using the remote control to make “Nana,” who has been turned into a robot, fight against another character. It was great!!!! It was the best part of this family movie, that did have some redeeming family values.

 The last movie I thought about that has older people doing what we might think they should not is Space Cowboys starring Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, James Garner and Donald Sutherland. Retired space guys are asked by NASA to go back into space to fix something that only these guys can fix.

 Sure it is a bit hokey. But it is a fun movie with some serious bits that prove you do not have to be under the age of 30 to be stupid and macho and have fun while doing it.

 Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

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Recently I have been talking about White Sangria on Facebook. It was my drink of choice for our Oscar Night celebration.

My 13-year-old son wanted to make the dinner. His menu was pizza and Red Velvet cake. My husband and I added salad. Plus I made the stipulation that the pizza needed to have two pies that were a bit chi-chi.

When I was in the library last week I looked in a Wolfgang Puck cook book, Pasta, Pizza and More (2000), and found a goat cheese and shrimp pizza. When I reported my findings not a single soul in my house was interested. But we did want to do ham and pineapple. The desire to try goat cheese was still strong so we partnered it with spinach and bacon. These were made alongside a regular cheese as well as a half pepperoni/half mushroom.

Because the entire family was going to be in attendance, this menu allowed the younger children to try something new if they wanted but they could have something to eat in case the different foods did not quite suit their taste buds. Everyone did try the different pizzas but they were not liked by Everyone.

Choosing what to drink was made easy when I realized I wanted something light and fruity. Normally our Sunday meal does have a complimentary alcoholic drink for the adults and I was looking for something to compliment the California theme. I immediately  thought of the white sangria, the recipe being featured in a fashion magazine the year before.

Here is how we made it. In a beautiful glass pitcher we mixed 1 bottle of an inexpensive soft white wine; 1/4 cup of Brandy; 1/4 cup of white sugar; sliced lemons, granny smith apples and green grapes; and crushed ice to desired amount. My husband pulled out the white wine glasses and we sipped on our drinks all night.

It was a good supper and the big hit was the surprisingly mild goat cheese pizza. The varying flavors went well together and were interesting. We also did a spinach, feta, olive and bacon half that was too salty for my taste buds but still interesting. That is what I like about experimenting in the kitchen because you never know what is going to come out of it.

Bon Appetit!

Karyn Bowman lives in Kankakee County with her outdoor writer husband and four children. Become friends with Karyn on Facebook.