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Getting the Impatiens Planted

Saturday morning I made a list of what I wanted to accomplish this weekend.

The husband looked at me as if I was crazy because I really wanted to accomplish it all in one day. The fatigue reality of it all took over. I was not going to get everything accomplished. All but two items were completed on that list. I would have ordered new checks if they had been open Monday. That one can wait till Tuesday morning.

But here is one project I did get done.

Impatiens planted along the east side of my house. It really needed to be done and you will agree once you see the “before” picture.

Before the project begins

I have more weeds than I really should. These are mostly morning glories. they were pretty last fall but this year I am replacing them with Scarlet Running Bean. So I need to be on the constant lookout for morning-glory sprouts to prevent them from taking over. Here is a picture of the sprouting scarlet runner.


Scarlet runner amongst the morning glories.

I was given these seeds this year and they have a good start. I have been told the beans are tasty with a nutty flavor. I have five plants going and we shall see.

So the husband issues a challenge for me to get this project done before supper. I have my new garden gloves (thanks, Sandy) and a half flat of impatiens. There is also an empty five gallon bucket waiting for weeds and such. The such being left over compost from the winter.

So I start. I clean out weeds and any old compost on the left side of the door.  Then I begin digging one hole at a time. Dig hole, place plant, fill in hole, dig hole, place plant, fill in hole, over and over again.

Meanwhile, one of my neighbors is having a party. They are Mexican and I listen to many genres of Mexican music – as can the whole neighborhood. Tejano, disco, rap, traditional. At some point my new neighbor starts playing piano – everything from Beethoven to Garth Brooks. 

I really don’t mind as it helps my task movie that much more quickly. Soon I am done with the left side and start working on the right side.   While I am working, I notice a toad hanging around. In fact, he is the toad the kids caught the day before and we made them set loose. Well, I am pretty sure it is the same one.

 The husband is firing up the grill and getting hamburgers ready to cook. I am getting done when he makes a comment.

All of the work is done.

“Aren’t you going to get rid of the weeds in front of the door?”
No, no I am not. I have discovered a resident who deserves some cover until the impatiens grow and fill in the area. Once they are bigger, I will remove these weeds. But for now, I am leaving Toby’s cover intact.

Our resident toad.

He is sheltered by the door step and will be able to easily find slugs and bugs. I water enough to keep Toby moist but there is not enough of any puddle or pond for spawning near the house. Since I do not use pesticide this will make life for Toby much better. Bugs, a place to hide, some wetness – what more can a toad ask for?
Do you have a resident pest controller?

Working the Weed Stick

Product Thursday

If there is one tool I use more than any other in my garden it is this.

With a push into the ground and a quick flick back, a simple snap of root tells me I have gotten rid of another dreaded broadleaf or dandelion.

I think it is the inverted “V” at the end of the tip. Once the stick gets under the ground it seems to find its way towards the root and snap it off. Go to any garden center or big box home center and say you need the tool to help you take out dandelions, chances are the staff know exactly what you are talking about.

My best defense against dandelions – the weed stick!

I just push in and flick! Weed be gone.

I could wites odes about how much I love this tool. But really, it is my yard that loves it more. I am not fanatical about the lawn. However, this tool has given hours of hard work and keeps me away from the cookie jar.

My great uncle Sam used to keep a pretty nice lawn. No weed dared show it face. But in the off chance it did, he eradicated it pretty quickly.

We seed as needed but never fertilize or do other treatments. We keep the length a little longer than most lawns.  The husband mows with a circular self-propelled mower. Says it gives him good exercise.

When the weather has been as wet as it is right now, that is the perfect time to take out these weeds. Everything works nice and easy. One the ground turns hard, nothing removes these things. I swear the roots of the plants simply laugh and plan their return.
Right now, they are shivering with fear when I walk out the door and grab my weed stick.
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Spring 2011 has finally arrived!

Yesterday, March 16th, was a truly gorgeous day.

Finally, the temperature during the day made it impossible to wear a coat of any sort. A jacket could and did suffice. When I went for my morning walk I had a wind-breaker on over the zippered sweatshirt. There was still some frost about. But then the sun came out and it was wonderful.

Pansies on the bottom, tulips on top

When I got home from work, I went digging around the garden. I didn’t have to dig for the first bit of returning plants. The tulips had been coming and the pansies made it through winter. Now they were side by side, enjoying the sun.

One pansy plant had been knocked out of the planter and I will have to ensure it is in the ground before much longer. I blame the squirrels, they are convenient villains in this tale. Why the husband does not allow me to shoot them is beyond me, besides the fact we live in town on the same street as the former mayor and fire chief.  I would be doing a public service considering they are always chewing up the soffit of another neighbor’s portico.

Daffodils with tiny blooms

I started looking around again and there were the daffodils by the base of the rose bush.

I did not plant these particular bulbs. I might have daffodils in this garden but this group I did not plant. Nor am I ever moving them elsewhere until this rosebush is done done. I mean never going to sprout again done. The thorns on this bush are particularly nasty and I only try to touch it when I am pruning or dead-heading. So there, the daffodils stay.

One of my favorite plants in the spring and early summer months is the Star of Bethlehem. Right now

Star of Bethlehem

the green stems with a white strip are coming up. These particular ones have not been covered by mulch so their color is green. In my shade garden I discovered a number of these under the mulch and they are a green-yellow color. Once the mulch has been removed, they will green up and later in May they will bloom.

grassy weed

As happy as I am to see these plants, a few others that I do not like have re-emerged.

I do not know the name of this one but I hate it. It has long roots and tries to spread. There is no pretty flower, the leaves are not notable and it is unwanted. That makes it a weed in my book.

Creeping Charlie

The same goes for this creeping charlie. I pull and pull and pull it all summer. It has a miniscule purple flower I do not value as it winds its way around the flowers I do value.

It is always one of the first and last plants I will pull this growing season. But wait there is one more.


Can you believe it? I actually saw several of these throughout the garden. Today is going to be spent clearing the mulch and using my weed stick on dandelions. I guess we could use them in salads as these are younger and more tender.

But I see them as weeds so out they will go. At this point in the year, I have a one gallon ice cream bucket I use for weed collection.

By May, I will be using a five gallon bucket.

How is your spring garden shaping up?