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From My Window

Lately when I read gardening magazine the designers talk about making a view that is pleasant from your window.

What they mean is that your garden areas close to the house should have a wonderful aspect from the back of the garden as well as from the front. I guess this means don’t put the tallest plants in the back that create a total block of your view. But it might also mean that one should think about the angle from which you see various parts of your garden.

This first picture is a view of my bedroom window.

The dogwood and pale purple flocks

This is from my bedroom window and a view I get every spring. The bottom of the tree is surrounded by flocks and strawberry plants. I did not craft it to be seen from above but I like how it has turned out.

This next view is out my living room window.
Hanging Basket

This is the only hanging basket I have up so far. By the end of the month, my front porch will be filled with flowers. They are interspersed with bird feeders, including a hummingbird feeder that you can see on the top right corner. Because we are on the prairie I am always surprised when they come in for a quick snack. But they do and sometimes one of the hummers will take a quick break.

This last view is from the office. Notice you are not seeing a picture of the office, which is truly horrendous.
The View from the Office.

This is the shade garden that gets all of its light in the morning. A larger bird feeder is here along with the rabbit cage. We are not sure who but we do know someone was messing with it. Grass does not get into a water bottle by itself. So we moved the rabbit and it makes for a happy situation.

Right now I have a form of daffodil blooming along with the dandelions I have not taken out – yet. It is a pretty aspect. My next project is to put window boxes on the garage for that whole ‘cottage’ look to be complete.
How do you work your garden ‘view’ from your window?

Is it Over Yet?

This is the part of winter I do not look forward to seeing.

The month of February can produce hope and it can squash your dreams of warm weather like a mortar in a pistil.

Picture by Dieraecherin

Today our high temperature was in the high 30s. Know what that does to snow? It makes it melt, not all of the way gone but the process is starting. All of those streets that have been scraped clean of snow now have melting remainders of snow.

But then the cold air blows in. Cold air from the arctic, shifting the temperatures back to around zero and below. The windchill make the feel of the outdoors goes down even farther.

Wind whistling over the snow-covered prairie for hundreds of miles just gets colder the farther it travels. Yesterday’s slush is today’s ice patch just itching to trip you up.

I hate it.

The dog has no sense of slowing down when he sees that stuff. He very seldom slips or splats while on our walks. Storm like to dig in the snow when he smells something interesting in the hope the carcass might still be there for him.

I, on the other hand, must watch every step. Is the pavement clear or am I looking at black ice, that trick bit of ice that attempts to mimic asphalt? When the melt and freeze cycle gets here, there is only one thing to do.

Walk where it is crunchy. Unless the pavement is absolutely clear you can only walk where the snow beneath your feet make that delicious sound of crunching snow. That is the only way to know you are not hitting ice, that your legs are not going to fly out like a gymnast who did not go into a backflip with full force or conviction.

When it happens to me I can almost hear the comedy-movie soundtrack sound of a person falling with the air blowing out of their body followed by the thud sound. That is unless I get lucky enough to find a snow bank to break my fall.

My fear with the incoming deep freeze is that those banks that have broken my fall on occasion will now be rocks that I will bounce off should Storm decide he has to chase an ice block that looks like a cat or greet another dog that he has not been able to converse with in doggy language.

To me that means snarl and threaten to rip each other’s throat out until your person drags you far enough away from the other animal. That is when said dog goes into the whining stage, indicating they were only playing and he wants another chance. 

Picture by Bowling Granny

In my head I think that I only need to get through February. Get through this month that will produce terrible cold and shocking thaws. I pulled out my Chia Herb Garden and made all four pots. Everyday it requires water. With any luck there will soon be some new greenery to give the air inside that fresh planting smell.

Another good thing to look forward to, it is the slow return of song birds. This week our family was enraptured by the female cardinal who visited our bird feeder several times, causing our youngest to call out whenever he sees her.

The female may be grey with a touch of red coloring. But she is marvelous to watch when ever she makes an appearance.

How is the winter falling away for you?

The Pink Mystical Tree

Every year for Christmas, my mother includes a few little projects in the box along with the presents and crackers.

Some year we get to it and some years we forget about it totally. Magic rocks, tiny sea monkeys, mystical trees have all come to the house. This year it was the pink trees called Mystical Trees.

Picture by Me

Instead of another year of the package sitting around,  my daughter decided she was going to get it done.

She opened one of the packages, made the tree, poured the special solution in the tray and put the tree in the tray.

At first, there was only white fuzz on the cardboard. But a day later it looked like this – pink and fuzzy.

Picture by Me

Maybe you can sit there and watch it grow. I noticed it last night looking a little pink. By this morning it looked like something you can find in a Dr. Seuss book.

In years past we have tried to leave the experiments on the dining room table. But then the dog would try to eat it. Is there anything remotely appetizing about this little science project? Apparently, there is to the dog.

This year our tree is safely hidden behind the dish drainer. Storm has to really work to get at it, requiring a step stool. I do not think he can do that quite yet.

Picture by Me

So now we have an inside mini garden that makes us laugh or smile and it only took a few minutes.

How are you getting through the winter doldrums?

The Beauty of Hoarfrost

 Yesterday as I drove to work I noticed my world became one filled with crystaline trees and bushes. A fog had gone through in the early morning hours and left frozen moisture on the branches. The picture below is a pretty good depiction of what I saw.

The frost simply shimmers and shines as the sun dances upon the frozen droplets. Before it melts away, we live in a crystal world that dazzles before disappearing.

Tree covered with Hoar Frost, Picture by Black Creed

 It is what one calls Hoar Frost. Some dictionaries define it as frozen dew that comes in the shape of tiny needles. We always notice it after any foggy morning. It is quite beautiful as we head north and west towards our church on a Sunday morning.

Close up of Hoar Frost, Picture by Idaho Editor

Now, I know what you are thinking. What a terrible name for something so beautiful. But this is one of those words that come from the German language according to Dictionary.com. Some note its use around the 12oos, other claim it comes from before 900 A.D.

According to Blurtit.com, the origins are from the German word “herh” which means sublime. But “Herr” is a proper title for a man, as in Herr Schmidt. So the term could be old/grey combined with frost.

I would like to think it means sublime because the look of hoarfrost in the morning is just that. I also find it suitable for December when we still love snow and find it magical. Quite frankly, hoarfrost makes snow magical in January and February as well. By then the feeling is as fleeting as the hoarfrost.

How do you find the magical in wintertime?

Fall and Halloween

Usually about this time I post pictures of my garden and show what is going is going on.

This guy is about six stories tall. Gorgeous!

The problem with that is nothing has really changed in my garden. The pansies are going in full bright yellow and the mums still look great. The cosmos finally, finally have buds on them but I will only take a picture once they bloom.

So today I am sharing pictures of great fall color in the area where I live. Plus I am including a few pictures of cute Halloween designs. I haven’t gotten a picture of my favorite ghost but will put that up later in this post when I do finally get it.

So to start things off this is my favorite tree at this time of year. Luckily, it lives down the street from my house.

Not so shimmery but still a beaut.

Around the corner is another beauty I saw on the way home from work the other day. It shimmered from the western sun that day.


This is one of the country roads I drive on to get back and forth to work. It is the long way home.

This is along the Iroquois River where some people have  nice homes. We also pass by one of the nurseries here.

Next up are some Halloween decorations.

Ring of Ghosts!

Are you in the spirit yet?

This was too cute not to snap. I will share another ghost picture as soon as I get it.

Tell me how you get ready for Halloween.