Why is it that when I hear the phrase (?) ABC, I immediately think of the Jackson 5.

I remember how cute Michael Jackson was when we were all young and little. Michael was already in the family business, finally succeeding.

The Award!

However, I am not going on a history lesson or a walk through an old memory. Lorna’s Voice has graciously given me the ABC Award. She thinks my blog content is aWWWesommme! Well, me and a bunch of other folks.

So now I am obligated to come up with words from A to Z that describe me in some way I have not done before as well as nominate a few other worthy souls while honoring the one who gave me this honor.

Absolutely terrified is how I feel about winning this award. I am afraid of Backsliding and coming up with new but terrible Content. Will I let fear stop me. Don’t count on it. The small part of my soul that is Effervescent will not allow that to happen. I will Focus and Gear up for those days that Hover in the gray zones. Idiots be dammed, Jocularity will find its way back into the well of writing Knowledge. I may not be able to Levitate but I can Meditate into the Nirvana of writing. Ozone levels may thin out, other blogs may be more Popular but with the regal behavior of a Queen, I will find the Readiness to use every word within my reach. Sentences will unfold as does the beautiful Tendrils of Victorian era hairstyles. Perhaps the Undergarments of this blog do not mimic others in their Viciously tight order, perhaps this blog is not as Wonderously plain as an X-Ray. Yet, what you get at this blog is a mad Zoo of ideas from Absolute genius to Zero gravity.

And now on to the worthy nominees for this award. Some may have been nominated for other awards, I have nominated so many I can’t remember who I have not honored. Just take the honor and pass it on to those you find worthy.

Image by Jeltovski

Uprooted Magnolia

Todd Pack’s Messy Desk

If I Were Brave

Stopping The Wind

The Waffler

All I have to do now is notify these bloggers of their award. That is the fun part!