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You would think that the Answer Lady gets bored with answering questions. There are times we would rather ask the questions.  But that is not the case at all.  Today we are in answer mode as we get ready to be serious and a little dreamy.

Q. How do I attract hummingbirds to my feeder?

Hanging Basket

A. The best way is to make sure your hummingbird feeder always has fresh sugar water solution in it. But you may also have to have an extra attractant. Hang a basket of petunias nearby in colors of red and purple if possible. The hummers love these colors and the scent of the petunias.

The Answer Lady knows because her youngest watches the bird feeder area and calls out whenever he sees a hummingbird.

This picture is of a Baby Trend Infant Car Seat but not the exact one used by the Roycrofts, Picture from babytrend.com.

Q. Where can you find the expiration date on a baby car seat?

A. Now this is a good question as until a few years ago I never knew baby seats had expiration dates.  Most baby seats are expected to last about six years from date of manufacture. The reason is plastic can degrade, getting hard over the years and easier to bust up in a crash. Seat belts can stretch out as well.

Your best bet is to look on the back of a seat. Keep looking until you find it. Sometimes when you find a great deal on last year’s seat is not a big deal if you are buying a seat for a newborn. The problem comes when you are hoping the seat lasts for a few years or for a few kids. So check the date. And should you ever be in a car accident, replace the seat.

Map of Paris from Bois de Boulonge Campground, picture from mobilehome-paris.com.

Q. Is there a place to tent camp near Paris?

A. The real question here should be can you get tent spikes through security at the airport. However, that was not asked. Should you want to camp near Paris there is a park that allows tent camping but also has rental cabins near the Champs Elysées. Call ahead to get your reservation in ahead of time, especially during those busy tourist months. Find the website for Bois de Boulonge Campground at http://www.mobilhome-paris.com.

The Answer Lady Strikes Back

Picture by Seemann

The Answer Lady was off on a little holiday somewhere delightful. Now she is back and ready to answer the latest set of questions found in the search engine log.

So pour a cup of tea and a plate of something sweet. We are going with Darjeeling and homemade apricot bread.

Q. Can snapdragons grow in the shade?

A. Now this is a very interesting question and the Answer Lady has experience enough to answer it without looking in a silly reference book. At one point the Answer lady worked with a garden that received limited sunlight but would get very hot.

The snapdragons in question withered away and seemed dead – that is until September’s cooler temperatures rolled in. Suddenly, they snapped back and said hello with a resurgence of blooms. In my present garden areas, I do put them in a shaded area that gets 4-6 hours of sun daily. They are annuals bought at the grocery store or local floral store. If I am lucky, I get volunteers the following year.

So the short of the long is yes, snapdragons can be wonderful shade garden flowers as long as they are not totally submersed in shade.

Q. How do I look elegant drinking red wine?

A. Darling, really, what you are going to have to do is pretend you are either Audrey Hepburn or Kiera Knightly or a girl with a really long neck. Your posture must be perfect at all times. A black dress or turtleneck should figure into the picture as well.

It is also good to be able to laugh easily at jokes, tell funny but not long-winded tales and never let your fellow party-goers know you are bored out of your mind. Be disdainful only when truly necessary because the line between elegance and snobbery is very fine. No one wants to be around a snob but they love a person with grace and elegance.

Q. How do I know if my Black-Eyes Susans will come back the following year?

A. This is a tricky question. Those who love flowers of the perennial sort know that some years it just doesn’t happen. You follow all the directives when bedding down the garden in the fall. You have banked your daisies and cone flowers and chrysanthemums with compost of at least 3 inches deep.

In the spring you remove that compost and hope. Maybe pray a little. You check each day while enjoying the daffodils and then the tulips. You stay inside for a few days because of pouring down rain. You look in the garden again because you know that wood chip mulch must go in and there are the sprouts.

My Blacked-Eyed Susans only began sprouting a day or two. The same with the purple cone flower. I seeded tons of white cone flower along with more purple come flower in that bed. Perhaps it will come, perhaps not.

One must wait it out. Perennials do as they please but lets hope the result is pleasing to you. If they do not come, plan on buying more flowers at the garden center.