Family Movie Night


By Karyn Bowman


Wasn’t that heat we had last week something else?


I did not see many of my neighbors out of their house and the ones who were went back in as quick as they could.


I cut the length of my walks with the dog and I soaked him with water before we started. Even so, there were days he did not want to walk or even think about chasing a squirrel. If you saw a black dog suddenly drop and roll around in the grass, that might have been my guy.


The one thing that is driving him crazy lately are the cats on our street. There is the tuxedo cat that saunters around but has figured out our house is one to avoid. A grey cat lives at the neighbor’s house across the street but she is content to aggravate Storm from afar. However, there is a tortoise shell tabby that seems determined to become a member of our house.


It has tried coming in the house; it has tried coming over to our front porch while the dog was there. The cat will follow the humans as we walk around town. While I feel sorry for the skinny little thing, I am not taking this cat in just so it can be a snack for the dog.


Now that the heat wave is over, I am thankful for the return of cool mornings. I just hope we do not have to brave 100 degree temperatures again this summer.


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One of the ways we, as a family, tried to beat the heat was by watching The Muppets starring Jason Segal and Amy Adams along with the whole cast of muppets. Segal and Adams are a couple who plan a trip to Hollywood with his muppet brother, Walter, to see the sights and especially the Muppet Theater.


But while there, they find out that the theater is being sold. While the new owner says he will re-open it as a museum, the truth is he plans to tear it down and drill for oil. So our trio locates Kermit and tell him of the oilman’s destructive plans.


And you know the only thing to do to save the old is to put on a show, which means collecting everybody from the far reaches of the world, including Miss Piggy. Once Kermit gets a low-rent network to put on the telethon, he is told to get a current star to host. That might involve a little kidnapping but it is the muppets. They look adorable as they do it.


While this movie was fun, I guess I was expecting something more. Or maybe the problem was I saw all of the best bits in trailers. I knew the funny parts and the others were okay but not great.


The movie explores the idea that the Muppets are old hat and no longer relevant. I don’t think that is entirely true but the other part of that is remaining fresh is coming up with bits that are funny and true with a modern flair. Other than Ms. Piggy working at Vogue Paris as the plus-size editor, I saw nothing really new.


As much as I enjoyed this movie, it is not one I would see again and again. This felt like an episode I might have watched 20 years ago. That would be like watching an episode of Saturday Night Live and the funniest skit involved “Da Bears” fans.


What this movie is good for is to watch with your kids or grandkids and point to the screen and go “look, there’s the Swedish chef” or “look, Ms. Piggy is doing the karate chop.” Enjoy Chris Cooper’s performance as the evil oilman and the way he says ‘maniacal laugh’ as well as his rap musical performance. Look for the multitude of cameos of actors who love the muppets.


When the movie is over, put it back in the case and take it back to the store. You might smile as you think about it and why wouldn’t you? It is the Muppets after all. But this is not one of the better Muppet movies.


Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.