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Feel the Binge

Family Movie Night

By Karyn Bowman

One aspect of this new way of looking at movies and TV shows through streaming that I find fascinating is the ability to binge-watch anything.

And I do mean anything.

flashMy older son still at home is currently watching The Flash, a newer TV show on the CW network about the DC comic speedy superhero. Before that, he watched all of the latest episodes of Arrow, about the crime fighting archer., another DC comic book superhero.

And he does this through Netflix.

My daughter does the same but with an Australian show about a group of students studying at a prestigious dance academy in Sidney. I started watching the show with her and found myself intrigued.

So how does one start in a binge session.?

I think there are two theories on this.

The first requires planning and thought. First start with buying a DVD or checking out your steaming system for a complete season of your favorite show. Before you can plan the watching time, there is another factor you must take into account: The snacks.

big-bang-theoryMy personal preference is for Cheetos but since that is off the diet now I go for buttered popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon. Perhaps you prefer nachos or pizza. The point is you want to make sure you’re completely stocked for a season’s worth of The Big Bang Theory or Ninja Warriors. That includes beverages and TP. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a binge watching session and running out of TP.

That requires you to leave the house after hours of binging wearing pajama pants and a tee shirt with greasy food stains on it. Ain’t nobody got time or the desire to see that.

finding-bigfootBut once you’re set, go for that binge session of Downton Abbey or Finding Bigfoot or SpongeBob. Keep at it all day and all night until you have seen each and every episode whether it is on a DVD or streaming.

Theory one requites planning and organization, which some of us like to do.

Then there is my second theory.

It’s the one in which you find yourself with free time, like an entire day of free time. So you turn on the TV, search through available programming and start watching something, something you have vaguely heard about, such as Supernatural or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Dog with a Blog. The first episode or two are great or at least passable but you want to see more.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The next thing you know fourteen hours have passed, you made it through a season, and the dog is dancing around with his legs crossed. Your clothes are rumpled, stained with any food you found in the meantime, and you begin to dance around the room with your legs crossed.

There is no planning, no stored snacks or TP, and the dog is ready to bite you.

But what a great run of your favorite TV show in a matter of hours.

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

Did That Really Happen?

Family Movie Night
By Karyn Bowman
When one of your favorite critics says something that goes against your basic judgment in a movie, it makes you wonder why you like this critic in the first place.
I assume that people have that feeling about me when I give a thumbs up for a raunchy comedy. I love those things because they make me laugh and laugh hard.
The problem might be that critics are people, too. When we go into a movie we might try to not have any preconceptions but it is difficult. Especially if the movie is a remake, a continuation of a series or based off of the writings of Nicholas Sparks.
Image from IMDb.com

Image from IMDb.com

When I went to the screening room on a regular basis, I can tell you the room was filled with men. When it came to romantic comedies or romantic dramas, well, their eyes would roll to the back of their heads.

Why do we have to watch this piece of crap?”
Which is my sentiment exactly on most – but not all – Adam Sandler movies.
I bring this all up because the husband and I recently watched the date-night flick, Safe Haven starring Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. The movie started its life as a Nicholas Sparks book in which a woman leaves her old life and runs away to North Carolina where she meets a great guy and falls in love. She has a secret and he is a widower with two kids.
When I read Richard Roeper’s review several months back, he made the comment that the last ten minutes tells you a lead character is either crazy or stupid. While the rest of the movie would have received two and a half stars from him, this last portion sent his rating down, down, down. It made me curious, but because I am not a Nicholas Sparks fan I was not willing to pick up the movie for the last ten minutes.
This past weekend, I told the husband to rent something while I recovered from working a rummage sale. So he picks up this movie thinking it might be a romantic comedy. I tried to be fair, waiting for the not-so-happily-ever-after moment that seem to accompany all Nicholas Sparks movies.
When that does not happen, I am surprised. This turns out to be a nice little crime/romantic drama in the same manner of Sleeping With The Enemy without the annoying dress-up scene. But then the last ten minutes happen and I have to judge if this makes the one character a crazy person. Does it change the whole tone of the movie?
Image from IMDb.com

Image from IMDb.com

The answer is yes because there are some questions that were not answered for me. There were some issues that needed clarification that I did not get. It doesn’t ruin the whole movie for me nor do I understand Roeper’s completely overboard reaction. Perhaps it depends on how you accept the supernatural in your life, perhaps it depends how you think this event adjusts the rules of the movie.

Every movie is based on a set of rules, the ones that determine how the world works in the story. Vampires burn up in the sun, one person rules the town with an iron fist, two people hang out in different crowds and should not mix with each other. A movie goes wrong when the rules no longer matter and no longer direct the story.
Safe Haven changes one rule at the very end of the movie. But it was a rule that was somewhat consistently followed throughout the movie, we just did not know it. Does it ruin the movie? Not in my eyes but then again I live with a ghost dog in my house. I am used to life not always being what it seems.
Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.