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Comfort Movie

Family Movie Night

By Karyn Bowman

As we zoom into the holiday season, I find I want to watch those movies that are comforting and familiar.

Youve-Got-Mail-movie-posterThis past week I watched You’ve Got Mail for the umpteenth time. One child shook his head and asked if I hadn’t watched this movie too many times. Another child wondered why I was watching the movie without her.

I found myself reading quotes from the movie on IMDb.com and knew where each one came from. Okay, maybe not right down to the minute but I recognized where each one fit in the movie.

I know the movie well despite hating the ending which I will talk about later.

I find that this movie has a wonderful mix of the sentimental and the modern. In this movie the characters meet in an online discussion group, something very modern in the late 90s as AOL and the internet takes off. They meet at Starbucks, which was beginning to be everywhere.

youve got mail coffee shopAnd yet it is filled with memories from the music by Harry Nilsson and Roy Orbison. Each song seems perfectly fitted for the emotional moment of each scene. The most modern song comes from The Cranberries at the beginning of the movie which set the tone of the busy-iness of New York City, of the people walking to work at a quick and excited pace.

There are all of these charming moments throughout the movie with lovely incidental music that has a slight jazzy tone that romances us and reminds us of an earlier citified age.

All of these elements allow me to forgive the ending in which I think Kathleen should have slapped Joe in the face for his deception. She should have told him off before admitting she hoped it would be him all along. Maybe that would have been trite, maybe not the right payoff. But I always felt that she accepted Joe too easily.

You've Got Mail book storeWe all have that kind of movie that makes us happy, where all of the pieces come together perfectly and tell a story the right way. I have wonderful friends who love horror movies, my mother could watch Humphrey Bogart movies all day. My sons are happy with movies that have explosions and chase scenes.

These are the movies we all turn to when life needs to stay on the other side of the door, when we just need a break from the world for a little while. In the next month and a half, life will get crazy for some of us with holiday events and concerts and family gatherings. For some of us the holiday season is a simple reminder of all the things and people we are missing.

Comfort movies help us get through, maybe they allow us to cry or feel exhilarated. We know how everything will move through the story, we know the dialogue, and the various underlying themes that we may or may not think about.

Maybe for you that movie is Godzilla in whatever iteration but for me it is You’ve Got Mail. And the only other thing I need besides a box of kleenex is a bowl of popcorn with cinnamon sprinkled about.

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

The Best Part…

Product Thursday

When I am finished with this entry, you will know I am a totally uncool person.

While I make a point to be politically aware, listen to classical music and NPR,  have travelled a little and yearn to travel more, the truth is I will always be the small town geek. I will always be the book worm and gardening nut.

I will always be the non-hipster.

Picture by Seemann

I am starting to embrace that fact in the same way I love my garden and reading habit. So should it be surprising that my favorite coffee is not Starbucks or some of the other “fancy” coffees?

As my mother has pointed out many times, Starbucks is too bitter. Even with all of the sugar and cream added that makes the coffee taste better. Oh, how I love Caramel Macchiato until the aftertaste.

Now, I drink a fair amount of coffee and I have been trying different brands. My mother once gave us a gift pack of flavored coffees that I liked better than the husband did. The funny thing is my favorite coffee is an old brand.

Everybody knows it for some of the sappiest commercials at Christmas. You know the one in which the son who has been away from home sneaks in and wakes his little sister. They make coffee to surprise mom and dad with his homecoming.

Are you tearing up because I am just thinking about that scene. I know a grown woman shouldn’t do such a thing but I do.

Image from Folgers.com

More importantly, I like the flavor when I drink the coffee with or without flavored creamer. I like the smell when I open the container and when the coffee is brewing. And while I am drinking it, I never think “why am I drinking this?” Food should never make you feel regret because the taste overrides the benefits. Food and drink should pair together to make life just that much better.

 What is your favorite coffee or tea?

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