Looking at today’s news makes me sad.

 Shirley Sherrod tells a story on how she overcame her own personal biases at an NAACP meeting. But a conservative website allegedly receives an edited

Picture by Wcizmowski

version of the tape and makes the woman sound like a big racist working in the department that is to help all farmers. This is posted on their blog for all the world to see.

 Once the tape gets out Sherrod is  fired from her job, being forced to write her resignation on the side of the road on her blackberry. The NAACP talks about how they were duped by this conservative website. The news outlets ran with this story until someone did some digging and found the rest of the tape showing Sherrod’s complete story.

 It makes me wonder why Sherrod did not get a chance to show the whole tape to her bosses. It makes me wonder why no one did solid research on the story before running it. It makes me wonder why the NAACP talks about being snookered when they held the original piece of tape?

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Are we in a climate so toxic that one must jump before digging out the rest of the story? Have reporters, the NAACP and white house staffers forgotten how to do solid research before rushing to judgment? Apparently!

 Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart admitted that even he did not see the whole tape until this week. His point was to show hypocritical behavior in the NAACP and all he used was the small piece of the presentation he had been given. So that is what he posted, this little snippet that shows a woman reporting her biased behavior. He did not even bother to do full and complete research. Otherwise, he would have seen the end of the story, the redemption of a woman’s soul.

 According to Breitbart is not his fault that this woman’s career is defamed, she was not the intended target of the clip. It is not his fault that others jumped to conclusions and rushed her to file a resignation. He was simply presenting proof that the NAACP is hypocritical in stating that the tea party is racist. But his actions did all of this to Sherrod; his faulty actions that happened without the proper research.

 Perhaps this will lead to a defamation suit by Sherrod or, better yet, new standards to be placed at news organizations, political offices and various organizations. That’s right, dig deeper into the subject before making public statements, firing an employee or releasing a video on your blog.

 Otherwise, those idiots who want chaos in the system win. Otherwise, people who claim to do fair and balanced news reporting can go on reporting the news from their bias.

 Perhaps that crazy thing the liberal media does of showing both sides of a story is not so crazy after all. And had it been done in the first place, maybe Shirley Sherrod would still have a job.