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Dear Family, Friends, and Readers,


You may have noticed that I have been AWOL for some time. You might have seen that I have not posted for a while.

It is not because I am bored or lost my column or having a bout of depression. But I have been busy. Busy with kids, busy with extra work hours, busy with the novel. I took on some extra roles that require more time than I originally thought. I have a novel that is near completion. I have piles of sewing  and craft projects as well as some cleaning projects that require my attention.

Image by Patuska

Image by Patuska

So something needs to give and that something is this blog. Oh, I will start posting my column on a regular basis once more. But sadly, I am not visiting your blogs or replying to your comments as I should. My focus will be on finishing that novel, taking care of the craft and sewing pile, cleaning up some of the piles that have built up around my house.

My plan is to return on the new year and get back to regular posts and visiting of all of you who have supported this blog for so long. There have been many new visitors and, believe me, I plan to visit you as well.

Please wave if you see me speed by. Soon, very soon, I will have time to visit once more.




I know a few readers are wondering out there how my year of completion is going.



I have been working on this for way too long.

So far, slow. I am working on that embroidery kit, trying to finish filling in the pitcher. It is slow but it is happening. Same with some sewing projects that I was able to complete at this month’s session at my favorite quilt shop. There is nothing like adjusting skirts because I have lost enough weight to make them need downsizing.



Getting out the door no later than Saturday.

However, I have another task that must be done. I have to send my parents their Christmas gift. This is one task that never gets done before our Easter trip to their house. This year I have the presents wrapped, in the box, and the box is ready for mailing. Tomorrow morning it heads out to the post office. I can’t say what the box contains because I do want Mom to be surprised and she stops by here often enough.

I am leaning towards the Florentine Clay but Georgian Leather is nice, too.



One of the items on my list of completion was picking a new color for the living room. It is currently a pinky coral color but I am choosing from a variety of terra-cotta shades. I am looking to go darker but the husband has requested a lighter color. Can’t wait to see how it will look when the room is finally completed.


How are you doing on your resolutions?


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New Outfits!

 One of the sad parts of this weight-loss journey has been the loss of old favorite outfits.

My swingy black skirt and white denim pants had to go away because they were falling off my hips. This is a great development because it meant I had to get new clothes.

While I was sick in December and spending too much time in bed, I would peruse several clothing catalogs. Monroe and Main would have these great outfit layouts taking five or six building block pieces and create outfits. I looked at them and realized that I had most pieces but could use a few more to create a better wardrobe for myself.

Plus, I have been inspired for several months to start doing a semi-regular fashion post by The Pleated Poppy blog. Lindsey and sometimes a guest poster takes pictures of the worn outfits for the week and puts them up for the rest of us to see. It is an effort on Lindsay’s part to dress better. I like it to see combinations I may not have put together.

So here are a few new pieces in my wardrobe with old pieces to even it out.

Jeans and White Shirt

 Jeans are from Target, bought from the clearance section. My budget that day was $20. I gathered a bunch and then saw jeans in the clearance section. Tried them all on but these straight hips with a boot cut leg is what I bought for $12.00 which allowed me to get a new stretch top as well. That piece is not shown here. However, I pair these jeans with a white blouse and belt it with the shirt tails out.

Black-and-White plaid skirt with white tank and light blue cardy.

I just finished this skirt at my sewing day at my favorite quilt shop. I have been working on it for a little bit at an earlier sewing day. This session Barb helped me out by serging the hem of the lining and the waistband. And then she taught me how to put in a zipper in a much better method. Ecstatic is how I am feeling.

I am pairing it with my light blue cardigan (consignment shop) and favorite white cotton tank bought at Lane Bryant.  The skirt had light blue threads worked in and I thought this would be a good mix for spring.

Dark Tan Sweater and Red Flowered Skirt

I love the color red but my rosacea does not. So I am putting red on the bottom with a skirt I altered to fit the wider waist I have now than when I first made this skirt. The hem hits just under the knees, my preferred length. I have had this sweater for several years and purchased it from Chadwicks of Boston. It is a great neutral with a skirt or jeans. I also wear my jean jacket with this outfit now that a parka is not required outer-wear.

Have you picked up any new clothes this spring?