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Family Movie Night


by Karyn Bowman


The other night I knew what movie I wanted to watch once the kids were in bed.


It was a movie meant for adults that was bad but funny. And it was not available.


That almost ruined the night for me until I realized I could watch something else I had wanted to see.


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sitting on the shelf. I wanted to see this movie ever since it came out in the theaters but there was always a reason why we could not get out.


Poster Image from IMDb.com

There were family activities or I knew I was tired or… Plenty of excuses. This time there would be no excuses. I knew going in that we would have to get the littler kids up to bed because there was no way I was letting them watch an ‘R’ rated movie. I did allow my 15-year-old to stay but he grew tired and went to bed about ½ hour in.


The story is about an investigative journalist (Daniel Craig) who has been disgraced and forced to use up his life savings because of a story he wrote about a rich man who may or may not have had ‘connections.’ That is when he is offered a job with a rich industrialist family to write a memoir.  


But in reality he is looking for the lost niece of his employer. She disappeared 40 years prior and has never been found. No one knows what ever happened to her and the uncle wants that mystery solved.


At the same time we are following a young woman (Rooney Mara) with a large tattoo, lots of piercings and a strange haircut. We see her meet with an official who makes her give him favors she does not want to give. We see that she is a gifted researcher who has a broken soul.


Eventually, the two come together when the reporter realizes he needs an assistant and the one he wants is the one who did a background search on himself. These are two people who are intense researchers, intense thinkers who connect on this case as neither expected.


This movie is based on the novel and Swedish film of the same name. There is a constant darkness and feeling of doom. The sets are stark but not overly so. The pace of the movie is slow as we learn the story and get to know the key players. There are stark moments of violence as well as passion. I loved the dialogue, the way the characters were different from what I expected.


For those who love foreign movies or those with a European flair, this is an excellent choice. Be aware before you rent it that there is some heavy duty swearing as well as some intense sex scenes. Our heroine is not a perfect soul but she is brave.


The more I think about the movie the more I admire The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.



Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.


What Haven’t I Seen Yet

Family Movie Night

by Karyn Bowman

As much as I love slogging through old movies I love, I also get excited about movies I have not seen – yet.

Poster Image from IMDb.com

My kids went to see The Muppets while it was still in the theater but they went without me. But it sounded like they had fun watching Jason Segal and his girlfriend, Amy Adams, try to save the Muppet Theater from a nefarious oilman.

There is singing and dancing a lots of good fun in this movie, according to my kids. Heck, one of the songs won an Oscar for Best Original Song in a movie. I am pretty sure the next time we watch a movie, it will be The Muppets.

Another family movie coming to the racks this week is Hop starring Russell Brand. You might be wondering if Brand can dial down his raunchy sense of humor for a kid movie. Well, he does for the most part and it is a lot of fun.

It is a sweet story about the son of the Easter Bunny who wants to be a drumming rock star instead taking over his dad’s role of the Easter Bunny.  To make matters worse, there is a takeover plot at the Easter Bunny factory and ninjas.

My issues are with James Marsden who annoys me greatly in this movie for being such a loser, a purposeful loser. I am not even sure he is interested in actually working. But he connects with the little bunny and they work together.

This is a movie kids can watch and there’s some potty humor. Adults won’t be hitting their head against the wall out of boredom but I think you can get away with never having to watch it again after the first time.

Now there are two movies coming out for adults that I am really interested in seeing.

Poster Image from IMDb.com

The first is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo starring Daniel Craig as a fallen journalist investigating the 40-year-old disappearance of a young girl. He is aided by punker Rooney Mara in this gritty movie that goes into the dark places most of us avoid.

Mara received an Oscar nomination for her performance that is tight and heavy and perfect for this movie. This movie is rated ‘R’ for strong sexuality, brutal violence and strong language. A child or a sensitive soul should not view this movie.

Finally, there is another Oscar nominated movie that I am looking forward to seeing. Gary Oldman was nominated for his role as George Smiley, a worker within British Intelligence who is trying to figure out who is the double agent.

Oldman is joined by Ciarran Hinds, Colin Firth, Toby Jones and John Hurt in this action-packed movie that also gives great character studies. It is rated ‘R’ for violence and language. Because of the content, this is not an advisable movie for younger children. But for those who want to see great acting, well, join me in being excited to see it.

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.