Family Movie Night

The Oscars are over.

The statues have gone home to sit on mantles or in the bathroom. And you are probably thinking about how you never got to see this movie or that one.

For families, the animated features of Toy Story 3 and Shrek Forever have been out for some time in the home theater market. Tangled, the re-imagining of the Rapunzel story, comes out at the end of March.

But for adults, a whole slew of movies that will break your heart and/or make you think are coming out .

James Franco in "127 Hours," Picture from

Last week 127 Hours came to DVD. Starring James Franco, it is the story of a man who falls while rock climbing. His right arm is trapped under a rock and he must make tough decisions about what to do while alone and having no hope of rescue. Gripping, terrifying and a performance that won Franco a nomination.

This week sees Inside Job coming out to DVD. The Oscar-winning documentary explores what happened on Wall Street three years ago when there was a $20 million meltdown that lost people jobs, homes, everything.

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Matt Damon narrates the movie that interviews experts and journalists, exploring what happened in the rogue aspects of the industry. I am not sure how I am going to feel watching this, considering this event lead to our current national economic situation. Just the thought makes me angry but I am willing to try watching anyway.

One movie that I wish had received an Oscar nomination for Best Song was Burlesque. It is the story of a young woman who comes to Los Angeles to find a life better than she had in Iowa.

Cher in "Burlesque," Picture from

She finds work at a burlesque club owned by Tess (Cher) who becomes her teacher and mentor. As Tess fights to hold on to the club, one night she sings a song about struggle and determination.

“You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me Yet” won a Golden Globe award and was written by Diane Warren. Cher sang this song with heart and soul although there was a cheesy moment or two with the light booth guy. It should have been nominated for an Oscar; Randy Newman was right about there needing to be five songs nominated for the category.

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

Let the world know about your latest pick for Family Movie Night and drop a note below.