Like all of us, I read many of the freshly pressed posts of the day. I want to see what people are writing about and find topics other than mine interesting.  I also like to see what other people make in their kitchens or craft rooms. Some of it is very inspiring.

So today, I was looking at EcoWomen: Protectors of the Planet as they discuss green resolutions that can make a difference for our planet. This post resonated with me as the hubs and I do many of these things. We recycle and compost. Our water bottle usage is less as we re-use those bottles until they can no longer be used. We have a garden and use it well. We have re-useable bags that need to be used more.

The one thing I cannot do on this list is give up meat – even for one day.

I am willing to try to lessen my paper towel dependance and I do try to hit the local farmer’s market for produce. Our garden produces wonderful vegetables. We want to plant at least one more tree in our yard.

But the meat thing is a sticking point.

My family has a history of diabetes running through it like wildfire on both sides. One of the things I have noticed is how protein really helps keep my blood sugar from going crazy. My diet has become a balancing act of fresh produce and proteins so that I do not get dizzy while keeping the calories at a point where I continue to lose weight.

When I was college age, I did try the vegetarian diet. I went for less beef and more chicken. Slowly, I realized it was the grease that made me sick so I went for lean meats. I tried tofu but I didn’t like it all that much. I do some bean dishes but they are not my main source of protein. I learned how to cook what I like in a tasty manner which means there can be a lot of cheese. Many of our meals might be chicken as opposed to beef.

However, as I get older I find I want meat – especially beef. There is nothing like a real Italian Beef sandwich. A hamburger made well is a thing of glory. I do not need bacon on my burger but sharp cheddar or blue cheese takes that burger to another level. I feel better when I have an animal based protien. I would like to think this does not make me a bad person just one who needs certain foods to survive. I am sure there are plenty of vegans who will tell me differently, that a few minor adjustments will make life better for me.  

The suggestions made by the Eco-Women are wonderful. I agree with most of what they say. While I am willing to give up using plastic bags, and our family will continue to compost and recycle the one thing we are not doing is giving up meat. 

I wonder if planting a new tree will make up for my meat consumption.

Are you making any resolutions to help the planet?