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The final post about the dog

Family Movie Night
by Karyn Bowman
We were in the back yard that is open to the side street since we do not have a fence.
A couple of kids were walking by when their voices became louder. “Burying your dog? Did your poor little dog die?”
By the sing-song tone of their voices I knew they were not being sympathetic. I knew they were trying to make a joke at my grieving family’s expense. So I gave them the look. The ‘mom’ look that let them know if they continued there would be trouble.
As some of you may know from Facebook, our black lab died suddenly at the end of February. We believe he had a heart attack. All I know is that I was there for his last moments, his last breathe. I patted his side and let him know it was ok.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur family was heartbroken. People cried or did ‘useful’ chores so as not to deal with the grief. But it has been very strange not to have the dog around prowling for food or sharing the couch with his humans.
A few weeks before his death my husband, the two younger kids, and I were on the couch watching a favorite tv show. The dog began pacing in front of the couch until he found just the right space to get up and join us. Once he was settled, the dog began slowly pushing off my daughter while making sure his head was on my lap. As far as the dog was concerned he was the favorite kid.
While we miss his companionship, we do not miss his food stealing or clothing eating ways. I found one of my husband’s favorite winter vests in the dog’s hiding place. Sadly, he had already chewed a piece of it off.
So now we must go on without him. Doing the daily walk, which I haven’t done in any sort of regular form since winter started, is going to be tough without the dog tugging and pulling for every squirrel and rabbit. Meal time seems strange without rushing to put everything away before we ‘let the dog out.’
I thought about him as my daughter and I watched Bride and Prejudice, the Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice. The story remains the same – boy meets girl and manages to offend her in every way despite his admiration for her. Only after she learns the truth about an unfortunate situation does she begin to realize his true worth.
Image from IMDb com

Image from IMDb com

The setting, however, is in India. And because this is a Bollywood production, the action can suddenly turn into a song-and-dance production featuring hundreds or a handful. The songs are fun, beautiful and always meaningful to the story. And who can deny the incandescent beauty of Aishwarya Rai?

As we watched the movie, I thought of how much Storm would have loved sitting with us, especially if there was the hope of eating some popcorn.
Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

Making the Dog Chase Me

Having an active dog in the house always makes for an interesting day. I never know just what is going to happen.

Picture by Missy Red Boots

 We end up storing fresh made baked goods in the oven or else they will be eaten – by the dog. Last week I made some delicious peach muffins. A week before my neighbor allowed me to clean out her peach tree. I was able to freeze a bunch but had about one cup leftover. Plus we had some peaches for eating that were leftover as well.

 Well, two cups of sugar, two cups of peaches and some cinnamon with some other ingredients made a big batch of muffins. They were tasty, sweet and moist. Two days later I forgot to put them away and, well, the dog feasted. He even ate the muffin papers.

 But that was not his greatest trick of the week.

 His greatest trick came on Wednesday after the youngest two children and I came home from youth group night. We were doing the end of the night routine – getting the bath ready, directing the youngest to the shower – when the doorbell rang. It was neighbor boys selling popcorn for their boy scout troop. We like popcorn and I am willing to support the boy scouts.

 Then I made the fatal mistake. I opened the front door.

 And the dog, who had been fed but not walked yet, ran at the opportunity. I had a moment to warn the boys to get out of the way before the dog got there. He jumped off the steps, greeted two dust mop dogs and ran some more. So I do the same, apologize to my neighbor about the dog and try to catch up to him. But Storm just keeps moving.

Picture by Gracey

I start thinking about my options. I have the five- and nine-year-old at the house plus the boy scouts from whom I intend to buy popcorn. Someone gets me a treat to tempt the dog. I look down the street and see him looking at me before he runs a little farther away. The husband has the car so I cannot ride after the dog.

 That is when I turned back towards my house and pretended to run. My flat sandals make a slapping noise on the street and I make more noise than normal so the dog will see and hear what I am doing. I look back and he is no where to be seen. I begin to doubt my great plan of making him follow me home. I slow to walk and call to the boys who are waiting for me at the intersection.

 I tell them to go back to my house and I will fill out their form. From out of the air, our big black dog comes running to me. He doesn’t get close enough for me to grab him because he is smarter than the average bear. But he turns the corner and stands in my neighbor’s yard. At least he does not pee on her roses. He is looking at me as I am standing in our yard and sees the treat in my hand. His stance is defiant.

 That is until I turn my back. Suddenly, he is there in our yard and looking at the treat. I run up the front porch, tell my daughter to open the front door. The treat is thrown into the house and the dog goes after it. Lickety-split, the door is shut and locked. Dog is safe inside when I suddenly remember the tub is filling with water. I tell the daughter to run and check it. Thankfully, it is not too full. No overflow tonight.

 That is when I sat back down, ordered a 15-count pack of microwave popcorn from the boy scouts. I shared the complete story with the kids and we move back into our night-time routine. The dog goes back to his night-time routine of trying to steal food.

 Some things never change.