Sometimes when I watch the news and see what is going on, I have to admit I wonder what is the real story.

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For the last few weeks, we have heard nothing but how birth control – and who pays for it – is a religious freedom. Women are not allowed to speak before the congressional hearing, only clergy who happen to be men. And Rush Limbaugh, in his infinite blast of nonsense, calls the female law student a slut, whore and prostitute because she wants to testify in the defence of birth control as a covered healthcare item. I wonder what that makes those men who take Viagra which is covered under most health insurance policies.

 See how easy it was to go into righteous indignation?

I am not saying birth control is not important. I am saying it is being used as a screen because the issue is so important to us. People are going to get fired up about birth control pills and devices – once again – being seen as a tool for easy sex and not how they help many women deal with endometriosis or heavy periods. Heck, some of the pharmaceuticals advertise that the pill does wonders for your skin.  

What we need to be asking is why this issue is being brought up – especially by the Republican party? What are they trying to hide?

I think the screen is coming up because the Republicans have no unifying voice and cannot find one presidential candidate to get behind. Mitt Romney is too rich and a Mormon. Rich Santorum has the looks but wants life to be the way it was in the 1950s. Newt Gingrich might have so good ideas but his baggage and bombastic personality is a turn off. Ron Paul, again with some good ideas, but who is he?

None of these guys seem to have that pizzazz, the touch with the regular guy, that sparkle that makes us want to follow him. Argue all you want about Herman Cain but his lack of foreign knowledge – and sexual baggage – made him a non-runner. Michelle Bachman was out of the race the day she promised gas prices back to under $2.00 a gallon. Rick Perry blew himself up by forgetting his own policy changes. Rick Pawlenti who?

The time before convention is shorter and shorter with no clear winner in sight. The GOP governor of Maine, Paul LePage, is calling for a dark horse to emerge during the convention that will take place in Tampa. The republicans need a superstar who can compete with Obama while setting forth an agenda the republican voters can rally behind.

Right now that is not happening. I am not sure why but they seem to want to alienate women voters the most. Every time I watch one of the candidates speak, they seem to try to push back time once more so that men are in control and women follow along. Guys, that is not going to happen anymore. Women have learned that a man will abandon them with kids who still need to be feed and clothed. Women have learned that they can support themselves and that a man completes their life, not make it. We don’t have to depend on you any more.

So the birth control screen is running rampant to help us not see those issues or forget the ones at the gas pump. A 70-cent increase in the last two weeks is going to kill those who have been struggling. But the possibility of having another child when that would wreak havoc with the family budget. Which is worse? That is a hard one but watching gas prices rise every other day is frustrating after you work your usage down, get a car with better mileage and give up the little extras because you need gas to get back and forth to work.

Want to get heated conversation going just ask “did you see how much gas is today?”  

We hear that it is Iran’s threats to block the shipping lanes is causing the higher gas prices. Another causal factor is greater demand around the world despite drop-offs of demand in the U.S. My favorite is that the speculators on Wall Street are causing the high prices as that one is the most logical. Then there are the industry insiders’ predictions of $5.00 a gallon by summer. Was that prophecy or just a way to prepare us for what the oil companies want to happen?

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I don’t have those answers but I do see a disturbing trend. When the bigger issue needs to be hidden, one that gets people’s’ ire going is brought to the forefront to take notice off the original issue. This is an old trick called “wagging the dog.”

So why is the dog being turned around? What is your theory?