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Seven little turkey vultures all in a row.

Six little turkey vultures all in a row.



Talk about your strange sights that you see along the road. I have never seen these birds lined up on a fence row like this before.


Have you?

What’s Up, Detroit?

Wordless Wednesday

For those who care about football and music, there has been an eruption of disgust in Detroit because the band performing at the big deal Thanksgiving game is Nickelback.

You don’t know who they are?  Well, here is a picture.

Image from bestweekever.tv


The problem is not that the band is awful, although some would disagree, or that their music isn’t riotous enough. The problem is the lads are – Canadian. And some fans are wondering why a Canadian band is playing in an American football stadium at halftime on the biggest AMERICAN holiday of the year.

Michigan state native Bob Seger still performs and I bet Eminem might have been willing. Kid Rock or Ted Nugent might have been willing. Some might have gone fora boring Mo-Town retread. Or maybe they wanted to have THANKSGIVING with their families. For Nickelback, this is no special holiday and therefore they are not missing out on something.

I thought I would post a few of their songs so the uninitiated could go “oh, I’ve heard that song.”

First up is my favorite.





Just like this one. Love the phrasing





Finally, the one that caught my attention; seems like it was the breakthrough song. And this video is great. How many people and places do you recognize?




Have you heard of these guys before and what do you think of their music?