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Summertime Flowers

Cream colored Hollyhocks

There are days that I believe I will never get this computing thing down. Guess that is why I am a gardener and not a computer expert. So today I present the latest beauties to appear in the garden. Mine is a three season garden that has blooms going from early spring through late fall. Which means a surprise every now and again.

 This year the holly hocks have spread farther out although they contain the same color range of last year in the marron family. Once again I have a beautiful cream colored flower as well. My neighbor has a beautiful pure pink in a lighter hue that may lead me to steal seeds.

Snapdragons and Petunias

 My porch steps have their usual pots filled with snap dragon volunteers and petunias from the store. The only successful herb from seed planting I had was the cilantro with the small white flowers. I told my husband not to move them as I had wanted some potted herbs up front. That way the chives that are sharing a pot with geraniums will not be all that lonely.


Here is the current showstopper – The Jackmani Clematis. I made sure the string was set in so the vine would go even higher this year. This is the big bloom and later in the season I will get a smaller gang of flowers.


Purple Cone Flower

This cone flower glows, it has been so wonderful. But that is not even the best part of the garden. Now for the surprise.


Evening PrimroseThe closeup.

This evening primrose was a volunteer and a complete surprise once it started blooming. I thought this might be a Joe Pie Weed when it first arrived, which I wanted in order to attract butterflies. This blooms in the evening once the sun goes down and I am enjoying it.
What surpirse volunteers have come to your garden?

You would think that the Answer Lady gets bored with answering questions. There are times we would rather ask the questions.  But that is not the case at all.  Today we are in answer mode as we get ready to be serious and a little dreamy.

Q. How do I attract hummingbirds to my feeder?

Hanging Basket

A. The best way is to make sure your hummingbird feeder always has fresh sugar water solution in it. But you may also have to have an extra attractant. Hang a basket of petunias nearby in colors of red and purple if possible. The hummers love these colors and the scent of the petunias.

The Answer Lady knows because her youngest watches the bird feeder area and calls out whenever he sees a hummingbird.

This picture is of a Baby Trend Infant Car Seat but not the exact one used by the Roycrofts, Picture from babytrend.com.

Q. Where can you find the expiration date on a baby car seat?

A. Now this is a good question as until a few years ago I never knew baby seats had expiration dates.  Most baby seats are expected to last about six years from date of manufacture. The reason is plastic can degrade, getting hard over the years and easier to bust up in a crash. Seat belts can stretch out as well.

Your best bet is to look on the back of a seat. Keep looking until you find it. Sometimes when you find a great deal on last year’s seat is not a big deal if you are buying a seat for a newborn. The problem comes when you are hoping the seat lasts for a few years or for a few kids. So check the date. And should you ever be in a car accident, replace the seat.

Map of Paris from Bois de Boulonge Campground, picture from mobilehome-paris.com.

Q. Is there a place to tent camp near Paris?

A. The real question here should be can you get tent spikes through security at the airport. However, that was not asked. Should you want to camp near Paris there is a park that allows tent camping but also has rental cabins near the Champs Elysées. Call ahead to get your reservation in ahead of time, especially during those busy tourist months. Find the website for Bois de Boulonge Campground at http://www.mobilhome-paris.com.

She has 325,000 miles. Perhaps it is time to say goodbye.

It has been a rough few weeks in our house. There have been a lot of changes. Our big blue minivan has finally died. Our 18-year-old no longer lives at home. The youngest child does not want me to walk with him to kindergarten. Adding insult to injury, my favorite radio station has moved my favorite talk host around. And it only leads to ostrich-like behavior on my part.

I have felt so sad and blue and unable to do the simple things I must do. Putting out the blog, going to work and doing the regular writing jobs help me focus and keep busy. Can’t go crazy when you are trying to write 500 words of perfection on a daily basis.

I have been you-tubing singers and bands I like. I was listening to REM, each song feeling more personal than the last. And then I remembered that

Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog statues, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA; Photographed by Charles M. Wrenn III.

they did Shiny Happy People with the Muppets. I had to hunt that down and was rewarded with a big smile. That’s when I noticed a bunch of other Sesame Street videos on the queue. How can you be sad when monsters and kids are dancing?

Well, there are plenty of reasons for me to be sad lately. We made our 18 year-old son move to his father’s house at the end of July. It is a decision that makes me wonder about my parenting abilities and the mistakes I have made. On the other hand, I know I have made the right decision, especially when it came down to the rest of our kids being able to live in a calm house. The difference is dramatic.

For right now I feel awful. I keep hoping I did the right thing and that the lessons he will learn in the next few years will propel him to a better place. In truth, I am not sure and have days, hours, minutes in which I believe I have made a huge mistake. Yet my friend, Lois, assures me that sometimes you have to be tough and follow through on that decision. Then the trick is making them live with your boundaries once they come back, she says.

Harry Ron And Hermione in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Picture from IMDB.com

To not think about all of this stuff I have been back on my Harry Potter reading task. After the 18 y.o. left I began to clean his room he shared with the other boys. I threw out at least two bags of garbage that included packaging for socks and underwear.  I found the fourth book so I’ve read that and book five. I cried when Sirius died and everything changed. I felt happy for Harry when Moody and Lupin came to tell off the Dursleys.  Now I am working on the sixth book, realizing once again how Harry can get obsessed and stubborn.

As I work up to the seventh book, I wonder what I will do when that is over. My friend, Heather, returned Jane Bites Back to me and I have already read it through. Heather also returned my old fashioned 35 mm camera so I might take the canisters of film we found in the refrigerator and have a little fun.

Picture by Ladyheart

Maybe it will take my mind off of the fact my 5-year-old has asserted his independence by telling me in no uncertain terms that I am not to walk him to school. No way, no how. Today as they walked to school, I took the time to take spent bloom heads off of my petunia basket, which looks to having a ton of blooms in the next week or so. I watched as far as the trees would allow and had to hope no bullies would dare mess with my littlest guy.

Then again, they do not know about his right hook.

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