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A truth in the world…

wordless Wednesday

A sign in the wine shop.

A Sign of the Times?

This past weekend I went with the chorale to a wine shop so that we could be the entertainment for the Christmas tea.

They gave us wonderful spiced tea to drink and there was an array of tasty cream puffs and petit fours to snack on. The shop is located in an old building with an incredible tin ceiling that is painted silver. The shop features wines made in Illinois and they are looking to expand to craft beers in Illinois. Every Friday evening, they offer wine tastings which the husband and I plan to partake in very soon.

But at some point we were driving around and I noticed all of the lights. There were lots of christmas lights and some were quite large displays.


Image by menstatic

All I could think of was that those light cost money – to buy and to display. And it made me wonder if the recession was finally seeing a lifting. I mean, if more people are putting up lights does that not follow they feel confident in being able to pay that light bill in January? Does this mean there are more people feeling hope and Christmas cheer by displaying it on the front of their house?

I am not sure. Either people are saying “if I am going out it is with a blaze of glory” or “the lights are going up, I just got a raise.”

All I know is that I put out my lights this year. I put them up on Thanksgiving day and have been making sure they are plugged in every night. It is not the biggest display or the fanciest. But I like Christmas lights and feel it is an inexpensive way to spread a little cheer.

What does your neighborhood look like – a blaze of lights or as dark as a war-time black out?