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Next week we will go to the polls.

Image by J. Durham

Next week, you and I will fill out ballots to elect school board members, town board members, state reps and senators, U.S. representatives and senators, and the president.

But here is the deal. Someone is going to lose. Maybe it is Obama, maybe it is Romney.

And when that happens we need to remember that if our guy lost, there is simply one thing to do.

Keep moving.

We have seen a nasty, nasty election season. So many hateful things have been said on both sides. But once the election is over, there is work to be done.

People want jobs which includes civilians and returning soldiers. Infrastructure, education, and healthcare need to be addressed. Foreign policy  requires a light hand and understanding.

So let’s ask those members of Congress to do something simple.

Work with your president.

Forget the B.S. that he is not your guy. Forget your platform or that the other side has to move to your side because that shit has not worked. It has been obstructionist and has caused the country to halt. While I am not saying turn a blind eye to obvious problematic issues – such as Benghazi – I am saying it is time we put the best interests of the country to the forefront.

You want to fight with the president because he is not doing exactly what you want. But then the Speaker of the House works out a deal where the POTUS concedes a few things and you concede a few things so that everyone can win. That is until Congress goes against the deal because it is not exactly what they want. Why did our bond rating drop? Because Congress would not work with the president.

Quite frankly, it makes our government look like a bunch of kids who take their baseball home because things did not goes their way. And you know where that leads, don’t you?

Out of office in the next election.

I am talking to the Tea Party members who have proven to be a big bunch of babies but it will include Democrats who can’t figure it out as well.

I don’t want to hear anymore stories about secret meetings that took place the day of inauguration in order to plan the downfall of the newly elected president. I do not want to see voting not happen because the plan wasn’t ‘their’ plan despite the fact it was based on their plan or that it will help the regular people of this country.

More importantly, I am tired of the fighting when solutions are needed. I can’t believe I am saying this but New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie has become the example of working together during the aftermath of a major storm despite his negative rhetoric earlier in this campaign.  While that is the example to follow, come next election I will vote out every single one that I can who cannot be bothered to work with the other side.

Image by Expressive Grafix

Forget your petty squabbles, the need to be right. It is time to do the right thing for the American people. You know who they are, right?

They are the ones paying for your salary and that great health plan.



Quick Bits

The past few weeks I have been a little busy as the school year wound down and softball/tee-ball season gears up. I also had a paying job to complete. So I took a little break from the blog. I  know some of you make the effort to write something everyday and I applaud you. Sadly, that is not me. Some days you have to say no to something, especially when that something does not pay you.

Today I am going to talk about this and that.

Black Bloc in Toronto, 2010
Photograph by Oliver Lavery, found on ladyoftheheart.blogspot.com



* A week ago, the city north of us had to deal with the NATO Conference, featuring many world leaders. Mrs. Obama took the wives of these leaders to her old neighborhood to show off a positive-action outreach center. Mr. Obama and others worked out how they will leave Afghanistan by 2014. Protesters abounded in the area.

Some, like nurses protesting the closure of mental health centers throughout the city, had a just cause to bring to the public. But then there were the Black Bloc who were there to fight against the police. Reporters heard shouts of “death to cops” and indeed, these people did not show up until the last day wearing masks or scarves over their faces.

On the same weekend in other parts of the city, two young teenage boys lost their lives to gang gunfire. They were not gang members themselves but people who caught in crossfire or mis-identification. If these Black Bloc people really want to do something about the injustices of the world, perhaps they could do something like volunteer in those tough neighborhoods to give kids a safe place to hang out or learn something new. But that would be akin to real bravery.



* Today I saw a story about a Safeway meat department worker who saw a man beating his pregnant girlfriend in the store. So he did what most of us would not and got between them. He stopped the man from beating on the five-month-pregnant woman and hung on to him until the police got there.

So the pregnant-girlfriend-beater was arrested and got off with three years probation. The meat department clerk at first was assured by his manager that his job was safe. The next day, he was suspended with no pay.  This is going to make life rough for the man with a pregnant wife of his own.

Thankfully the residents of the Northern Californian town let Safeway know that they made the  wrong decision. They inundated the Facebook page of Safeway, picketed the market and had a petition up at change.org. If that wasn’t enough, the police chief wrote a letter of support for the man. And he had the support of the mayor.

In the end, the butcher won his job back. There is common-sense in corporate America.



* When I got dressed today, I put on a tee-shirt that says it is a ‘large.’ The surprising part is that it fits, nicely. Maybe this weight-loss thing is working out after all. I increased my distance for walking, added wheat bread and took out white bread, maintained eating as much fruit and veggies through the day as possible and continued drinking at least eight cups of liquid daily.

Sometimes when I look at current photos, it seems like nothing has changed. It is when I try on a slightly smaller size in clothing that I notice the difference. We take our victories where we can find them. I am taking mine around the block as I walk the dog.

Roses along the Steps



* With this weird warm spring comes early blooming of flowers. My roses are hear before June and a part of my knows I should be worried. But are they not glorious?

BTW, the Chicago Botanic Garden is doing a study on bloom times. It is called Project Bud Burst. They are looking for more people to report the bloom times in their gardens. Great project and I need to sign up.


What is going on in your world?

Of all of the interesting stuff I have seen in regards to President Obama one of most perplexing out there is about Snopes.com.

For those of us who routinely get spam e-mail with bad information, Snopes.com has been useful in debunking the urban legends racing across the internet.

Image from snopes.com

I recently had it spat out at me that Snopes is funded by George Soros, a liberal rich guy who allegedly funds various outlets. Guess who started this one?

Wait for it!

One of our favorite conservative talkers – Glenn Beck. Or not.

Traces back to his show on May 31, 2010, Beck stated that Soros backs Snopes.com and therefore should not be trusted as this makes them a liberal shill. In the next statement, Beck states that he and his team uses Snopes.com all of the time for information, saying what a great resource Snopes can be.

Before that, Another source states this information as well in May 2010.  What this blogger fails to do is find out that Snopes co-founder Gregg Mikkelson is actually a register republican voter. And that his wife, Barbara is Canadian and ineligible to vote here. Truthorfiction.com found origins of the Snopes/Soros dating back to 2008.

The problem is there are many emails about Obama and what he said or did here or there. People who are politically opposed do not want to believe he is who he is. They can’t believe the paper work that is out there, the history that is out there. How can that not be his picture on a Columbia ID in a style that was not even used by Columbia before 1996.

According to the haters, Obama seemingly failed up the ladder after taking advantage of the affirmative action advantages available during his college years. And mixed in all of that are the fact checking sites which deny some of the crazier stuff.

So what have I found out? Media Matters is funded by Soros, Snopes is not. FactCheck is partially funded by Annenberg Foundation, whose head gave money to John McCain in his presidential run, but Snopes is not.  TruthOrFiction has verified that Snopes is who they say they say they are and not funded by Soros.

With that in mind I checked out how Snopes treated former President Bush. If they really are a liberal front, would they not make sure to print falsehoods about Bush such as using the word ‘feces’ instead of ‘fetus.’ Or holding a book upside down.

What I found is that Snopes was fair to Bush. Stories that would make him look like the village idiot or a racist were proven false. Some stories that put him high on a pedestal were proven false. And some that show him as a human with good qualities were proven true.

Then I checked to see what they have on Mitt Romney. Again, it looked pretty fair and balanced.

Snopes appears to tell the truth about democrats and republicans.

So what does that tell a person?

There must be a secret conspiracy somewhere. No media outlet could be that unbiased, could it?



Some issues refuse to die.

One of those is the Birthers who state that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen because he was not born in the United States. It is such a big deal that the Arizona governor currently has a bill on her desk requiring all candidates wanting to appear on the election ballot, including for President of the United States, to show proof they were born in the United States and, therefore, a citizen.

Picture by Anita Patterson

What passes for proof that you were born on American soil in case you do not have the proper type of live birth certificate according to the legislature of Arizona? How about a baptismal record, circumcisum record, census record or notorized affidavits from two or more people who witnessed the birth?

I might understand that need for reassurance despite the various rules of

citizenship that are currently on the books. Some say the rules were written to keep Alexander Hamilton, an illegitimate son of the fourth son of a Scottish Laird and one of the most brilliant of the founding fathers of our nation, from becoming president. That would be true if he was not the one who wrote that portion of the constitution in the first place. And his chances would not had been ruined if he could have learned to keep his pants shut. But that is a story for another day.

Image from Wikipedia

We all know that Hawaii was not an American state until 1959. Territories are not counted as American soil unless they are a U.S. military base. John McCain was born on one in Panama. Technically, he is a citizen despite not being born on U.S. soil.  

Wait, a minute. Hawaii was a state at the time of Obama’s birth in 1961. And the announcement of his birth was put in not one but two newspapers.

But those can be faked, right. I mean 50 years ago Obama’s parents knew he would be the first black president at a time when segregation was so bad in the US, blacks had separate water fountains from whites and had to sit at segregated spots at lunch counters and on the bus.

Yeah, that is. That is the ticket until you start reading the citizenship regulations. After all, both parents need to be American citizens for a child to an automatic citizen if the child is born on foreign soil. That is how the late Elizabeth Taylor was able to be a citizen despite being born and raised in England until her parents came back to California to escape the war.

But wait a minute, only Obama’s mother was an American citizen at the time of his birth. Surely that make him a non-citizen of the United States and therefore not legally our president. That is when you need to go back and read a little more. The laws state parent or parents.

So that means Barack Obama could have been born in Kenya or Indonesia or the backyard of his Hawaiian home and still be considered an American. His mother is an American who lived on American soil for

Trustworthy Americans? Donald Rumsfeld, President George W. Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney - two of these guys are related to President Obama. Image from Wikipedia.

more than one year’s time. And if you start doing a little digging, you find out that Obama is as American as Dick Cheney and The Bush Family.

Truth of the matter is they are distant cousins.

If they are related to Obama, does that mean we have to check their birth certificates as well? After all, that Obama is a suspicious character. Anyone who is related to him might be suspicious too.

Hitting the Blog Circuit

Picture by Wcizmowski

Like some of you, I troll around WordPress to see what other people write. I go from Freshly Pressed just to see how the rest of the world blogs. I see various blogs that are different from what I do but on the other hand I want to see how to do it better.

Today, I hit on the blog called Taxpayers Rights.  He was talking about Obama’s speech and I thought I would make the effort to listen to a view differing from mine.  It is good exercise so that when you hear a Limbaugh or Beck type of hater you know how to walk away without getting arrested for beating up a stupid slug.

Most of the time, I try to make a pertinent remark and move on. I go back some days to see what other remarks came about. I will do this especially on political sites because I love this kind of debate.

But here is what I noticed about Dr. Tim of Taxpayers Rights.

There were no comments moderated by 5 pm CDT. And most of his entries have no comments. Well, that happens. I know people peek their heads in here and never leave a comment. LinkedIn articles state I should leave comments so others will follow suit but that seems strange to comment on a blog I wrote.

I checked late this afternoon and then after the kids were in bed. Finally, whatever the rest of us said was posted. I was going to blast him for not allowing comments but then I realized “he must have a real job and can’t get to the computer during the day.”

Flag picture proves I am a patriot. Picture by Kenn Kiser

He made a comment about expecting more vehement wording but people who disagreed did not get into name-calling. Hate it when you cannot dismiss an entire group of people who disagree with you because they do it in a fairly polite fashion.

Now, another political blog, the ACG Blog, ran in Freshly Pressed today that also went over Obama’s speech. I got the sense that this person is not an Obama supporter. However, he took the time to analyze what the president said without hyperbole, without fight-starting opining.

It was a good post that was interesting, explaining the whys and hows of what Obama was saying with historical perspective. When people talk reasonably I get all gushy and full of love.

Let me ask another question or two. Is it wrong to love a president who doesn’t sound like a buffoon when he talks? Is it wrong to love a president who talks about working hard and sacrificing like the greatest generation – our grandparents and great-grandparents who did it during WWII – knowing there are rough times but we can

Nice Dress. Did you get it with your rebate check? Picture by Taliesin

get through them?

Or would you rather have Bush who gave us our tax refunds early and said “Now go shopping like a good American” while figuratively patting our heads?