I do a lot of writing for an online group. I try to work on a variety of story topics to keep my researching skills up to pare. Along the way I may find out information for a story that I cannot use which is a bummer because I find some interesting stuff. So today I thought I would share some of that ‘stuff.’

Parlez-vous français?

Map of Paris from Bois de Boulonge Campground, picture from mobilehome-paris.com.

Did you know you can actually camp out in Paris, France? It is possible for you to go to Bois de Boulogne Campground where there is tent, mobile home and camper sites. How cool is that? Plus, it is near the Champs Elysées so getting to central Paris is not difficult. It is advised to make your reservations ahead of time, especially during the summer month. The mobile homes on site are available year-round.

The website has flags on the left side to switch languages. Click on the British flag to get English or the French flag to practice your language skills. Find the website for Bois de Boulonge Campground at http://www.mobilhome-paris.com. The Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau can be visited at http://en.parisinfo.com.

Route 66

Route 66 is the historic highway that goes from Chicago to California. One of

Route 66 Mural, picture courtesy of Pontiac Tourism Bureau

the earlier stops is in Pontiac, Illinois. This town has a pretty cool collection of murals throughout the town. I was sent this picture but was unable to use it with the story.

Pontiac has a variety of festivals throughout the year including the Threshermen’s Reunion over Labor Day weekend. Later in September they have a blue grass festival that sound very interesting. Anyway, here is a picture of one of the murals which I find very cool. I would like to give thanks to the Pontiac Tourism Bureau for allowing me to use it.

Evergreen Trees

Pine Tree, picture by Serious Fun

This one is more wonky than cool. But I became enamored with the idea that pine needles can stay on the tree for up to 30 years. Most do a 2-4 year run. The reason why has everything to do with the cuticle of the needle which protects the inside cells from the cold. Plus the spores of the bottom of the leaf are constantly collecting the energy the tree needs.

So that means the cells inside the pine needle do not freeze up during those cold storms and the leaf spores are still able to take in light to create food. How cool is that.

Wait, I have one more thing to share although it is nothing I learned doing research for an article.

I found out that there is a YouTube video of the scene in which Colin Firth

Colin Firth contemplating a bathe from Pride and Prejudice, 1995. Picture from IMDB.com

goes swimming in the lake at Pemberely in the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hasKmDr1yrA&feature=fvw). I have also learned that it has over 988,000 views. Doesn’t this moment deserve to be over a million?

Ok, now it is your turn to share some fun and or strange thing you know about. Do it in the comment area!

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