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Working in the Spring Garden

This has been a tough week as I start the 13th week without having a job. I can’t believe I have been out of work this long.

Luckily the spring rains have come to make the grass green and help my flowers grow. Sunday I took the time to transplant the Evening Primrose from the front of the garden to the back. Because it grows four feet high, I feel this is a much better placement.

However, that was not the first thing I did the spring. The first thing was planting some seeds. I love Sweet Peas but for what ever reasons, they have been growing where there are not any support systems beyond other plants. So these coated seeds have been placed at one end of the porch where they can start on some lattice work. If they grow higher than the porch, I will string some twine for them to follow as well.

Seed packets

Seed packets

The other side of the porch was treated to the bird house gourd seeds. That side has been taken over by Morning Glories which I intend to lessen – a lot. The seeds were interesting as they were almost the shape of a butternut squash about an inch long. I see a future 4H project if they are done in time.

Last year I tried to plant Scarlet Runner Bean which was destroyed by said Morning Glories.

So here are some of the plants that are coming up now.

Spring 2013 - Chives

Chives returning for the 15th year


Spring 2013 - Clematis

Clematis starting to vine out. Note to self – do something about that stick.


Look, it is the red sprouts of peonies.

Look, it is the red sprouts of peonies.


Look, even the tulips are getting in the act.

Look, even the tulips are getting in the act.


Because I think the coldest of the cold weather is done, I might even remove the compost this weekend that has safe guarded all of my plants. Why, I was brave enough to trim up the rose-bush today.

Here is what I do know. Anytime that I feel like going out and playing in the garden, I have gloves, clippers, and a little rake at the ready by the back door.




How are you getting ready for the spring garden?



The Garden’s End

The garden is at its end.

The Morning Glories

We have had a few frosts now and many of the annuals and perennials are done. The morning glories are drooping, the verbena has disappeared.

However, the snap dragons and Mums have stayed the course along with the pansies. The Impatiens on the side of the house are not as glorious but they have dropped off some.

The Impatiens are hunkering down.

What I will start doing this week is cut down peony plants and the Hostas. Most of the time, I leave the plants in the garden and top them with compost and leaves. Some years I cut the stems in the fall and other years I cut and clean out in the spring.

This year, I plan to plant seeds for next spring, cut back plants but leave the greens as a compost ingredient.

Some of my peonies have a white powdery covering. Mildew. These plants will be cut out and burned. I do not need that problem coming back and this is the best method of getting rid of that.

The Front Garden

Just a few weeks ago this front garden was glorious with Black Eye Susan and leafier sunflower plants.

Now, the Petunias are hanging on as the pansies prop them up, color-wise.

What I will do here is keep the Mums and the Sedum as they provide winter interest. The rest, including the sunflower plants, will be cut down.

Shade Garden

Remember that gorgeous shade garden from the spring? You can not see the limited blooms but it is nothing like it was earlier this year.

Here again I will cut down the peonies but leave the greens and cover the bed with compost and leaves rakes from the yard.

Hosta Garden

Hostas have never been my favorite plants. But I am trying to get some different varieties to make this patch more interesting. I am also planning to buy some tulip and hyacinth bulbs to plant for spring interest. Saw the idea in a magazine and I really liked the effect.

Can’t wait to see those results.

Late Blooming Cosmo

Now here are a few last-minute surprises. The Cosmo plant finally bloomed this week. In August, I was jealous of neighbors who had beautiful airy blooms. My plants had nothing. And then, about two weeks ago, I got buds. And now here is the flower. I am not sure it will open completely so I will take what I can get.


Here it is. The last new plant to bloom. A delicate pink zinnia. Whether seeds will come out of this plant is anyone’s guess. But it is a small piece of perfection.

How is the end of your garden?

Morning Flowers in the Late Summer

The kids started school this week, the youngest going for full day kindergarten.  

I thought about crying a little. I got a little teary. I did my best on the second day to not hold his hand all the way into the gymnasium where they line up. When he seemed a little lost I did my best not to go in and direct him. I let him figure it out and go from there.  

Well, you have to, it says so in the parenting manual no one gives you. Sooner or later they grow up and leave. More on that come Friday.  

So I went home and took a few pictures to distract myself. Really, morning was the only time I was going to get two of these plants at their best anyway.  

You can see variations of yellow and pink Four O'Clocks mixed together.


This first picture comes from my Four O’Clock patch. Four O’Clocks were given that name because they show their blooms when the sun goes down. They do not like full sun and generally prefer late afternoon light.  

They would do the same at my house IF the area where I have them planted didn’t go into full sun late in the afternoon. By 4:00 in the afternoon these babies have shut tight. My colors started off being yellow and pink. Thanks to cross-pollination, I am now getting a yellow that is streaked with pink.  

Morning Glories Up Close


Next is a definite morning time only flower. Some might define the Morning Glory as a weed. It can grow anywhere. And it will. I haven’t found a spot in my garden where it will not grow.  But I have planted this annual vine on the east side of the porch. It twirls and winds pretty darn quickly but usually waits till the end of summer to really start blooming.  

The plant started coming in on its own at the beginning of summer. But in the last month is when it started climbing higher and higher.  

Morning Glories taking over


I have a large wooden stick placed on the right hand side to give the vines another place to crawl up. The flowers on my vines tend to be deep blue and pink. I am happy to give out seeds. After that you will never, ever, need to plant this one again.  

Finally, the last plant in bloom is the Obedience Plant. This stalky plant is great for attracting butterflies. Their trumpet shape is great feeding for the flutterbies. They can also take a rest on the stalk if needed.In the past I had white, light purple and a pink hybrid.  

Obedience Plant


The majority of my white Obedience Plant patch got lost in the sunflowers this year. The heat took out the purple ones. I am hoping enough seeds are left in the ground to bring back more of the purple next year. The white ones have enough seeds coming to be able to re-seed that color.  

By the way, I know that is a Bachelor Button in the background and I know it is considered a weed in the Midwest.  I love and so it stays in the garden. A weed is really only a flower looking for a home. Sometimes they find it and sometimes they are removed.   

It is all a matter of perspective, I guess.