This past week one of my friends on Facebook asked for his friends to list their favorite covers of songs.

Johnny Cash covering “Hurt,” KD Lang doing “Hallelujah,” Social D with “Ring of Fire.”

Picture by NPClark2K

The selections were not surprising, I had heard some of them myself or from my kids’ musical selections (which are always louder than you want. How the guinea pig who lives next to the stereo has any hearing left I will never know).

 While Shannon’s question did not send me on a YouTube quest for great cover songs (Dancing in the Streets by Van Halen), I will admit I go there from time to time. Like daily.

 My office radio is limited to the stations it will accept. So I find myself looking on YouTube for favorite artists and songs. Some days I am into classical (Joshua Bell), be it violin or piano. Here is a side note. Want funny reading? Look at the comments for the classical music pieces. There is more swearing than anywhere else I have been by people who are incredibly passionate about their music.

Other days I want Linda Ronstadt and EmmyLou Harris. I did a Doobie Brothers day, listened to the Eagles, found my way to Mo-town selections. When it is office cleaning day, I put on upbeat songs to make the task that much quicker. My husband found Beausoleil and 80s alternative to listen to after a day of work.

I have watched movies, the latest BBC Jane Austen mini-series of all of her books, and BBC’s Jane Eyre. There were a few nights I went to bed much later than I should have because I wanted to finish the episode.

Thanks to YouTube, I have discovered and rediscovered so much music. When I get on a Mo-Town kick, I admit to only wanting to hear Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. They really had great chemistry and were never a couple. The saddest part of this is learning that Tammi Terrell was only 24 when she died from Brain Cancer.

She had so much talent and passion in her singing that 40 years after her death we still remember her songs. ‘Precious Love,’ ‘Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing.’

 My favorite is ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.’

Watch her performance, the little things she does that seem to add and truly connect with Marvin. It is said they loved each other like a brother and sister. He was married to Anita Gordy and she would become engaged to a doctor in the final year or so of her life.

 What makes their music special is the amount of passion, the joy they had at crafting each note into a love story, a resounding affirmation of the happiness in their hearts. Even if that only existed for the moments they sang together.

 What are your favorites to watch on YouTube?