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Next week we will go to the polls.

Image by J. Durham

Next week, you and I will fill out ballots to elect school board members, town board members, state reps and senators, U.S. representatives and senators, and the president.

But here is the deal. Someone is going to lose. Maybe it is Obama, maybe it is Romney.

And when that happens we need to remember that if our guy lost, there is simply one thing to do.

Keep moving.

We have seen a nasty, nasty election season. So many hateful things have been said on both sides. But once the election is over, there is work to be done.

People want jobs which includes civilians and returning soldiers. Infrastructure, education, and healthcare need to be addressed. Foreign policy  requires a light hand and understanding.

So let’s ask those members of Congress to do something simple.

Work with your president.

Forget the B.S. that he is not your guy. Forget your platform or that the other side has to move to your side because that shit has not worked. It has been obstructionist and has caused the country to halt. While I am not saying turn a blind eye to obvious problematic issues – such as Benghazi – I am saying it is time we put the best interests of the country to the forefront.

You want to fight with the president because he is not doing exactly what you want. But then the Speaker of the House works out a deal where the POTUS concedes a few things and you concede a few things so that everyone can win. That is until Congress goes against the deal because it is not exactly what they want. Why did our bond rating drop? Because Congress would not work with the president.

Quite frankly, it makes our government look like a bunch of kids who take their baseball home because things did not goes their way. And you know where that leads, don’t you?

Out of office in the next election.

I am talking to the Tea Party members who have proven to be a big bunch of babies but it will include Democrats who can’t figure it out as well.

I don’t want to hear anymore stories about secret meetings that took place the day of inauguration in order to plan the downfall of the newly elected president. I do not want to see voting not happen because the plan wasn’t ‘their’ plan despite the fact it was based on their plan or that it will help the regular people of this country.

More importantly, I am tired of the fighting when solutions are needed. I can’t believe I am saying this but New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie has become the example of working together during the aftermath of a major storm despite his negative rhetoric earlier in this campaign.  While that is the example to follow, come next election I will vote out every single one that I can who cannot be bothered to work with the other side.

Image by Expressive Grafix

Forget your petty squabbles, the need to be right. It is time to do the right thing for the American people. You know who they are, right?

They are the ones paying for your salary and that great health plan.



Let me make this statement right here, right now.

Until the end of this election season, I am not speaking to another person about politics if the conversation is going to be laced with name calling and blatant untruths.

I have seen Facebook posts with warning of “heil Obama” days to come. I have seen pictures with Obama’s head in a noose. I have read disparaging comments about he and his wife in regards to their privileged upbringings. Considering that Michelle Obama did not grow up in the rich black neighborhood of Pill Hill, that is a real laugh (sarcasm).

I have had enough of the negativity, the name calling and the flat-out untruths. I am tired of every conversation with a person on the other side of the aisle becoming a shouting match as they call the president a Muslim, anti-American, anti-colonist/capitalism, everything but the n-word. There are the words, spitted out in disgust, that we do not need a Harvard-schooled lawyer (like Mitt Romney).

I do not talk about how the Republican candidate believes in a sham religion that has drippings of Christianity but it all about the “tablets” Joseph Smith said he dug up and translated. I do not bring up the fact that Mitt’s dad was born in Mexico (but considered an American because his parents had dual citizenship) and that might not make Mitt a viable citizen. Does this mean that Mitt was an anchor baby for his parents?

Explain to me why I want to go back to the policies of the party that did their best to bankrupt our country during their last tenure, that did not do any work to make things better. Their goal for the last four years have appeared to be to block the president at every turn so that at this juncture they can say look at what Obama didn’t get done. 

See how easy it was to got ‘there?’ I felt a little power just then throwing out untruths or half-truths. No wonder Karl Rove loved/loves doing it so much.

If you have to call names and lie about your point in order to ‘win,’ do you really think that is a good reflection on your own character? You have just made yourself unnecessary in my eyes. When Fox News comes out and points out all of the inaccuracies in a Republican speech, there might be some issues with that party. When news agencies scour over Bill Clinton’s speech and cannot find any inaccuracies  there might be a reason why.

I don’t understand the over-top hatred for Obama unless you trace it back to racism or jealousy. Why jealousy you ask? Because Barack Obama did not come from a family of means. His family on his mother’s side can be traced back to Plymouth although not the Mayflower but it is not as if they are rolling in the dough. Like Bill Clinton, he was a nobody who through hard work became a somebody.

So if you are looking to have a reasonable discussion about presidential politics that will not degenerate into name calling, you can talk to me. If you are looking to goad me into an argument, well, I will try not to rise up to the bait. (Yes, I am talking about you, insert name)

And if you think thing are really worse now then they were four years ago, take a look at this story.

Meanwhile, I am going back to my la-la land of progressive thought where the shouting is in the form of  ‘hurrahs’ and there are not crazy conspiracy theories that involve every county clerk in the nation keeping the right to vote from military personal with absentee ballots. That way, I will not get riled up, I will sleep better at night and have a peaceful frame of mind during the day.

How are you spending the rest of the election season?




When does blogging become glorified navel gazing?

Perhaps when you realize that nothing is happening in your life or in your world at the moment that you want to share.

Underline ‘want.’

There are ideas and thoughts simmering in my brain right now I simply do not want to talk about. Even as I think about them and could probably list them, there is no way I want to talk about any of these because I do not want to deal with the emotional undertones.

Physical ailments for myself and others brings thoughts of frailty I do not want to mull over.

Dealing with a pastoral changeover makes me stick my head in the ground even more.

While there are a lot of political mutterings in my head, thinking about them makes me explode in ways that are not healthy.

So I choose not to write, I choose not to put my thoughts down more succinctly because them I might have to deal with all of that. Lets face it, eating more chocolate or working in the garden is a bit more fun than ruminating over why Scott Walker should have been recalled or if Mitt Romney really has a chance to make it to the White House.

Not only that, I do not want to think about how football players have been hurting themselves, dying younger than most and having cognitive issues. I don’t want to think about the Jerry Sandusky trial and why the accusers are not being allowed aliases. It makes me wonder if the judge has some sort of tie to Penn State or Sandusky’s charitable organization and if there will be anything close to a fair trial for a man who allegedely abused so many boys. That is not a peaceful thought at all.

Nor do I want to think about a number of people in my relative age range who have died recently from accidents and sudden heart attacks. As one of my friends stated, it makes you wonder about every twinge or pain. Some have even started saying what music they want at their funeral and/or gathering after the funeral. (Mental note, remind mom to tell me exactly which Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin she wants at her funeral)

What I want to do is enjoy the White Sox as they enjoy sitting at first place in their division and find a new book that interests me. Whether I write about it or not is another story for another day.

What keeps you away from the keyboard?



Wagging the Dog

Sometimes when I watch the news and see what is going on, I have to admit I wonder what is the real story.

Picture by Grafixer

For the last few weeks, we have heard nothing but how birth control – and who pays for it – is a religious freedom. Women are not allowed to speak before the congressional hearing, only clergy who happen to be men. And Rush Limbaugh, in his infinite blast of nonsense, calls the female law student a slut, whore and prostitute because she wants to testify in the defence of birth control as a covered healthcare item. I wonder what that makes those men who take Viagra which is covered under most health insurance policies.

 See how easy it was to go into righteous indignation?

I am not saying birth control is not important. I am saying it is being used as a screen because the issue is so important to us. People are going to get fired up about birth control pills and devices – once again – being seen as a tool for easy sex and not how they help many women deal with endometriosis or heavy periods. Heck, some of the pharmaceuticals advertise that the pill does wonders for your skin.  

What we need to be asking is why this issue is being brought up – especially by the Republican party? What are they trying to hide?

I think the screen is coming up because the Republicans have no unifying voice and cannot find one presidential candidate to get behind. Mitt Romney is too rich and a Mormon. Rich Santorum has the looks but wants life to be the way it was in the 1950s. Newt Gingrich might have so good ideas but his baggage and bombastic personality is a turn off. Ron Paul, again with some good ideas, but who is he?

None of these guys seem to have that pizzazz, the touch with the regular guy, that sparkle that makes us want to follow him. Argue all you want about Herman Cain but his lack of foreign knowledge – and sexual baggage – made him a non-runner. Michelle Bachman was out of the race the day she promised gas prices back to under $2.00 a gallon. Rick Perry blew himself up by forgetting his own policy changes. Rick Pawlenti who?

The time before convention is shorter and shorter with no clear winner in sight. The GOP governor of Maine, Paul LePage, is calling for a dark horse to emerge during the convention that will take place in Tampa. The republicans need a superstar who can compete with Obama while setting forth an agenda the republican voters can rally behind.

Right now that is not happening. I am not sure why but they seem to want to alienate women voters the most. Every time I watch one of the candidates speak, they seem to try to push back time once more so that men are in control and women follow along. Guys, that is not going to happen anymore. Women have learned that a man will abandon them with kids who still need to be feed and clothed. Women have learned that they can support themselves and that a man completes their life, not make it. We don’t have to depend on you any more.

So the birth control screen is running rampant to help us not see those issues or forget the ones at the gas pump. A 70-cent increase in the last two weeks is going to kill those who have been struggling. But the possibility of having another child when that would wreak havoc with the family budget. Which is worse? That is a hard one but watching gas prices rise every other day is frustrating after you work your usage down, get a car with better mileage and give up the little extras because you need gas to get back and forth to work.

Want to get heated conversation going just ask “did you see how much gas is today?”  

We hear that it is Iran’s threats to block the shipping lanes is causing the higher gas prices. Another causal factor is greater demand around the world despite drop-offs of demand in the U.S. My favorite is that the speculators on Wall Street are causing the high prices as that one is the most logical. Then there are the industry insiders’ predictions of $5.00 a gallon by summer. Was that prophecy or just a way to prepare us for what the oil companies want to happen?

Picture by Karpati

I don’t have those answers but I do see a disturbing trend. When the bigger issue needs to be hidden, one that gets people’s’ ire going is brought to the forefront to take notice off the original issue. This is an old trick called “wagging the dog.”

So why is the dog being turned around? What is your theory?