Family Movie Night

One of the great things about being a movie reviewer is seeing newer actors and watching their careers develop.

When Rachel McAdams started showing up in movies, I really liked her.

Mean Girls with Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried, picture from

I enjoyed her brief time on screen in The Hot Chick with Rob Schneider. a raunchy movie for older teens and young 20somethings. But then she was the Queen Bee in Mean Girls (perfect teen girl movie) and it started her towards a road of good and interesting roles.

Take a moment to compare her to Lindsey Lohan who was the ‘star’ of Mean Girls. Lohan had a few good roles and then went on the crazy train. But McAdams has stayed even-keeled and continues to have a solid career.

Her next big movie was The Notebook (2004), perhaps one of the most romantic movies ever, in which she plays a woman who has a great love, loses that love and finds it again with Ryan Gosling.

With Cillian Murphy in Red Eye, picture from

But then McAdams went on to make some movies that were more adult fare consisting of  The Wedding Crashers with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, Red Eye with Cillian Murphy, The Family Stone with Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson, and The Time Traveler’s Wife with Eric Bana. One of her bigger movies to date has been Sherlock Holmes as the former love interest of Robert Downey Jr. who always has an ulterior motive for every thing she does.

I mention all of this because McAdams’a latest movie in which she has the lead role is coming to the home theater market.  Morning Glory tells the story of a TV morning show producer who is learning how to balance life and work, be it successful or failing.

With Harrison Ford in Morning Glory, picture from

The anchors are portrayed by Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford. They do not always get along and Ford finds his latest job beneath his dignity. All of them muddle through the experience and find something new. It is a movie that is not exactly a romantic comedy and not exactly a dramedy, maybe a little breezy. But it looks like a whole lot of fun for adults looking to take a break.

This is one movie I never got to see in the theater but I am looking forward to watching it with a big bowl of popcorn. So what if there are no explosions or chase scenes involving deadly force. I think I am ready for a bit of a smart and fun slice of life movie with Rachel.

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

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