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Now that the Fourth of July is over and flags have been put away and all of the firecrackers have been set off, it is time to do the work  of a real American.

Get registered to vote!!!!

We partied and listened endlessly to that song by Lee Greenwood. People blew off firecrackers for a week. Oh, it was a good time. But, in my opinion, if you are really a proud American you will get into the voting booth this November.

Oh, I hear the roar of the excuses not to vote.

  • “All them politicians are crooks.”
  • “All of them are the same, none vote for me.”
  • “If I register to vote, they will call me for jury duty.”

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Forget those flimsy excuses because they are worth squat. Instead, look into the eyes of a soldier and say you don’t vote. Especially those men and women who went to Iraq and Afghanistan to “protect our freedoms.” By not voting, you are telling those people their efforts were for nothing.

Or how about you tell your excuses not to vote to those people who stand in line all day and risk getting shot or bombed or beaten because they want to vote. I remember seeing those pictures and wondering what those people would think if they heard barely 41% of our population votes.

Makes that couch look like a sorry excuse for not getting up, doesn’t it.You don’t like being called out for your lack of effort? I am not sure I care.

Being an American Citizen is much like being a parent – it is a responsibility. Oh sure there are a lot of fun things about being a couple/citizen but when it is time to do the dirty work of changing a diaper or voting for candidates people disappear quicker than my triple chocolate brownies.

In my town, people came out to vote in the last election because there were people up for the school board and village representatives. But county-wide it was a small turnout. Our country saw larger turnouts for mid-term elections and a bunch of wide -eyed republican reformers – were elected to office. Some like  Michele Bachmann  retained their seat and have come to the forefront of the political scene.

(By the way, I heard a nasty rumor she is from Canada but I have not confirmed that yet.)

My point is if you really want to make a difference, make a change in the way your government works, hate the guys currently in office, then get out and vote.

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People, throughout the centuries of our nation’s history, died so we would have this RIGHT and not using it is like listening to the evil one. The more you don’t go to church, the more Satan is victorious. The more people who do not go to the polls, the more those terrorists, who hate freedom, win.

Which side do you want to see “winning?”