Hulk and Rescue Hero wondering why they are on a roof

I bet you are wondering what these toys are doing on the roof. Quite frankly when I came upon the scene, I felt the same way.  Actually this is what went down. I went outside to water my hanging plants.  Those containers dry out daily. Even when it rains, I still have to water the plants because rain never seems to get beyond the overhang.

So I go out to put water in my watering can and I notice there is broken glass on the garage floor. Then I notice two barefooted boys,  5-year-old Sam and 3-year-old Jonathon, looking at the glass a little too gleefully.
I tell them to go play elsewhere and to stay out of the garage while I clean up a broken pasta sauce bottle. When the 13-year-old comes outside I ask him to look around for any piece I might have missed. That’s when he says to me “How did those toys get up on the roof?”

The entire roof

I go back out of our poor dilapidated garage. And there they are – action figures, cars, a plastic baseball bat.  The pink thing is a plastic box meant for storing toys but being used this summer as a sand castle block builder.  All on the roof.
Those lovable rug-rats decided to see what would stay up and what would fall. Their fun ended with the broken glass and my intervention.
So I have done the only thing I can do. I asked my teenage son to get the ladder out and bring down all of the toys. Then the husband told Sam he had to help. While we are giving out this edict, Sam is smiling that sly smile of one who knows he did wrong but had a great time doing it.

The culprits looking at a toad.

What is it with the youngest child? Sam and Jonathon are the youngest in their families and both are handfuls. Ever since Sam has been walking I have had to keep a very close eye on him. He used to throw his trike down the steps of our porch and ride very quickly down the sidewalk. Neighbors would laugh behind their curtains as I ran after him.
Normally, they hang together with Jonathon’s brother Julian who is 2 1/2 months younger than Sam. This day Julian was inside feeling a little sick. I had shooed the boys out of a puddle near the street and set up the sprinkler for them for some cool fun.
That was ok but it was not death-defying. These boys never seem happy unless they are taking risks such as throwing glass bottles or riding their bikes in the middle of the street or jumping from too tall heights.

Picture by Cohdra

Hopefully, Jonathon’s mother and I will live to tell the tales of their exploits to their children because I am hoping their children are just as active and troubling. At which point I am going to laugh my butt off as I hand the little darlings another cookie.