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Family Movie Night


By Karyn Bowman


Last week I talked about two different movies associated with Tim Burton. The American director has always had a different style that was interesting but hidden away by the weirdness of his movies.


Say what you will but there are times that his movies are magical and take you to a different place.


One of my favorites is mythical and large in its storytelling. But the story is one that an adult child can relate to when you have a parent who tells larger than life tales.


Poster Image from IMDb.com

Big Fish starring Ewan McGregor as a man who did incredible things –so he says – as a young man but now he is old and dying. His son does not believe a word from the old man. In fact, the son is incredibly angry at his father.


All of his life he has heard these fantastical stories that he could never prove. But as the old man – as played by Albert Finney – is in the hospital for one last time, the son does something he has never done before.


He begins to check the old stories out. He looks for the truth in the incredible.


Billy Crudup plays the son with the right mix of anger and love. Jessica Lange plays the mother who is losing the most extraordinary love of her life. And one of the most amazing pieces in the puzzle is Helena Bonham-Carter as a woman from the past.


I sometimes think Helena does the unbelievably strange parts to avoid being type-cast as the sweet girl next door. How else do you explain Sweeney Todd or  Harry Potter? But here, as she does in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Helena looks erethral at times. She glows with youth and hope, until the end when she reveals the truth. And then her natural beauty is simply there.


Now this movie is best suited for an adult crowd. And not because it is offensive. The movie is geared for adults with its content and the context in which we see it. The story is for adults. There is nothing wrong with that, some movies should be for kids and some should be for adults.


This one with its issues of death and dying, of losing a parent just as you, the adult child, finally get to know them. No teenager wants to deal with those issues. Some adults don’t want to either.


But there is something about watching a young man figure out his father as he is about to become a parent. There is something in watching a man discovering those crazy stories were based on some sort of truth, even the one that involves a final wish.


Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.


Yesterday  I talk about my latest favorite Austenesque books and promised what I consider to be good casting ideas for these books, should Hollywood come calling. I have no idea if there is a planned movie yet but this is what I think. Lets start with Jane Bites Back.

Jane AustenHere is the lovely Emma Thompson from Last Chance Harvey. in my mind should be played by none other than Emma Thompson. It seems perfect. But here is the problem. I am afraid that Emma might be too old (forgive me, Emma) for the part. So that is one starts thinking about other actresses. Again, I keep thinking of people who are fabulous but slightly aged out of the part.

Olivia Williams who has already played Jane in Jane Austen Regrets.Then I remember Olivia Williams from Peter Pan. I loved her in that and thought she did the best she could with Ria in Tara Road. Having already played the part in Miss Austen Regrets, wouldn’t be fun to see her do a modern version that has comedy and action.

But then there is Brian. Who should play Brian? Could Hugh Dancy fill the bill for Brian? My original thoughts ran to Colin Farrell as Brian need to be a late twentysomething extremely handsome and charismatic. But then I thought  about Hugh Dancy who was in Confessions of a Shopaholic. He is suave and handsome. Can he be a bit devilish as well? I am willing to find out.

Lucy needs to be bold and daring. Emma Stone has all of that!Did you see Zombieland? I fell in love with Emma Stone right there and then. I was reading the book at the same time and knew she could be Lucy. It takes the right mix of intelligence and moxie and Stone has it.

Luke Wilson from My Super Ex-Girlfriend

I had a real problem figuring out Walter. He has to be a guy you immediately feel comfortable with, someone who is cheerful but has a sad side that does not get out much. He is extremely capable and likable. And he knows how to use a cinnamon bun to bribe you into action. My first thought was Bill Pullman but hit the ‘slightly too old’ wall again. That is when Luke Wilson came to mind. He is the right age, but more importantly, Wilson appears accessible. Like someone with whom you can have a beer  and talk about the game or remodeling an old house.

Finally, it comes down to Violet. Could HBC be the greatest Viola ever?You need someone who can appear sane but go off the deep end. Someone who can hold a grudge for 100 or so years. The natural first pick was Helena Bonham Carter. She was the Merchant-Ivory poster child for a while. She has done strange  out there movies with her husband, Tim Burton. Helena can be luminescent or horribly Evil. Sexy or frumpy.  Oh, let her do justice to Violet.

Now, let me know what would be your suggestions!!!!!