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You know that feeling when you have the right amount of energy and your head is feeling clear? Some call it being healthy.

 I am there.

Picture by Doctor Bob

I have energy, actual energy. I want to get out of bed and do stuff. Like my workout or making food or writing a real blog entry. If I am going to sing, I am going to give it my all.

 Bring on that karaoke version of Hound Dog on YouTube.

 It is wonderful to feel totally on again, not just halfway there. My thoughts are not turning to when I can go back to bed or the next cup of hot tea or finding a blanket so I can be a part of the simple goings on in my house (which by the way needs a thorough cleaning). After three weeks spent trying to get over a cold that coupled itself with a nasty cough and nasal congestion, I am thankful for the return of good health. I plan to guard it at all costs.

 All of this down time has helped me make some important decisions. Back in November, I complained about the ennui I was feeling. How I saw many roads and was not sure which to follow. I felt a lack of purpose in my life, a lack of giving and a lack of using my talents to their full potential. 

Picture by Seemann

I decided to go ahead with the magazine. I had done so much research already that I know which printer to use, I know how I want to distribute the magazine, I know the approximate monthly costs. Oh, and I already have a logo thanks to a designer friend of mine. Writers are not hard to find because I know many and believe that others will come along. I have come to realize that sales people are out there and I will find them. The tough part is finding a backer. I am ready to do that.

The next improvement of the year is to find a charity to give my talents to, whether it is a few hours a week or a month. Last week, I called my local Habitat for Humanity and offered my services. I am happy to do whatever but did make the request to do any needed writing.

Picture by Chelle

 Lastly, I am doing an overhaul of my personal appearance. I need a new haircut and to put my wardrobe into one that is well put-together whether it is a casual day or dress up day. After going through catalogs and magazines, I believe it will take only a few pieces to get there. Trouser cut jeans, a black pencil skirt and a wide black belt are the building blocks I need to buy. I can make a few new skirts with material I already have in my stash. The boots that I saw and loved at Prada for Breakfast will have to wait till next fall. 

I have other goals that include getting to a networking situation once a month and finding ways to earn more money until the magazine is up and running. Plans are underway to be a better mom and to be better to myself. I am trying to be reasonable in my goals but understand that doing the little things, one day at a time, is what is going to help me get to the place I want to be.

How are you making this year a better year for you?


In this world of eating healthy, I have made the effort to cut out those foods I know are bad.

Years ago I cut out soda to lose weight and make my rosacea ease away. And I gave up red wine that made my skin just flame up. That effort was totally worth it.

To make that transition easier I began drinking more tea, especially green tea in the morning.

So far, so good.

I have added more fruit and vegetables to various meals. I have added a regular exercise routine. But the next step is to start cutting out the ‘white’ elements of our diet – white sugar, white bread and white rice.

So I bravely picked out a whole-grain pasta from Barilla. I like Barilla pasta as it has fun shapes and does everything I want from pasta. My Mac-and-cheese owes everything to the cork screw shaped macaroni from Barilla.

This night I knew I was changing things up and no one in the house was looking forward to it. They had seen the slightly different colored box and knew I was trying to make them eat healthy. Four kids and a husband were not happy about this. I do not count the dog because he can – and will – eat anything.

That is why I picked up Encor’s Chicken Parmesan, aka red things, to go along with the meal. You always need to make sure there is something they do like matched with the unknown food. Most of the time, I make it biscuits. They may not eat the goulash but they will fill up on biscuits. Since this night the new food was pasta, I decided to make the alleged protein the familiar item.

I cooked the pasta and it was not the familiar yellow color. To make matters worse, it was a bit crunchy despite my over-cooking it. Barilla pasta normally floats over the tongue, is easily crushed by the teeth and leaves a pleasant after-taste. The crunchy-ness was not acceptable.

It was a disaster.

The kids hated it, my husband proclaimed we would never buy whole grain pasta again. The dog wondered how much he was going to get.

I have friends who say they love whole-grain pasta, that their kids eat it willingly. Well, at least mine willingly eat the red things.

Karyn Bowman is also known as Mom Goes to the Movies. She lives in Kankakee County with her outdoor writer husband and four children. Become friends with Karyn on Facebook.