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What are you doing?

This past week, we have become owners of a new guinea pig and two rabbits.

Picture by Xandert

As a 4H family, life is always exciting as the kids choose to do different projects or follow in the footsteps of their older sibling who did rabbits for a few years.

What I like about 4H is the chance to do a number of different projects in different areas.  We tend to choose animals and visual arts. We have friends whose son does aerospace and rocketry. Our oldest did woodworking one year.

You can do rock collections and insects, gardening and cooking. But you can also do photography and writing. This year our daughter is doing the “read-a-Book” project because she reads, a lot, and can do a poster on the book.

4H is one of those programs that I find valuable for kids because they can learn many different things, try many different things and maybe find that thing that sparks them. Plus, it is hard to get in trouble when you have to take care of an animal every day, several times a day.

However, 4H is not the only worthwhile program for kids. Scouts, Awanas, youth groups and sports are just a few of the activities out there for kids. The problem maybe affording some of these programs or getting the kids to the programs.

That is why I will buy fundraiser products from any kid who actually shows up at my house. The truth is we need to supports these things for kids. I have seen kids have nothing to do and do other things only to hear people complain about them.

I have seen older people complain about rollar rinks and skateboard parks, desiring to take them away from the kids because they make too much noise and leave around too much trash.

Picture by Anita Patterson

What if instead of complaining, we did stuff with kids. You don’t have to become the leader at the weekly youth group time. But maybe you could hook up with a group that meets monthly and show off one of your skill and teach them to the kids.

Are you a crafter or a fishing person? Maybe you paint pictures or deal with electrical appliances. Maybe you are a computer wiz or a master gardener. My point is you probably have something to share and chances are there is a kid who wants to learn. Instead of complaining about those darn kids, find one you can help.

Let me share that I am a youth group leader. And when we had a neighbor boy who was a bit of a handful, I encouraged my husband to reach out to him. The boy kept ‘borrowing’ my youngest’s bicycle.

The first time I yelled at him, the second time I told my husband to help him fix his bike. The second solution was the better and improved relations on both sides. While the boy has now moved away, I can only hope that some other caring adult will step in the same way with him.

Now ask this of yourself – What can I do to be a positive force in the life of a child?

Going Whole Hog

Family Movie Night

This is the first week of February, the first week of hope that winter is almost over despite the blizzard that is hitting my neck of the woods right now.

Already, the sun is brighter. Already, it stays up longer.

We are awaiting the results of the groundhog and wondering. Will he see his shadow, will he not? Does it really matter?

 In giving us something to celebrate after dealing with cold feet and cold hands, Groundhog’s Day really matters. We need this bit of hope.

Because of this special day, I was thinking of the movie of the same name with Bill Murray.

Andie McDowell and Bill Murray in "Groundhog's Day';Picture from IMDb.com

 Similar to A Christmas Carol, a cold and callous man learns to love life after having to suffering the same day over and over again. We see Murray, as the weatherman who hates Groundhog’s Day, try to find a way out of the day but fate will not allow that.

 Instead he learns to enjoy life, to open his eyes and see what is around him all of the time. That includes falling in love with Andie McDowell, his new producer. This movie will be better for teens and adults as the context of the movie is better suited for adults.

What makes me laugh are some of the scenes that Murray shares with the groundhog. Such as when Murray steals the wood chuck and they go for a ride into a quarry. These are fun goofy little scenes that remind me of another movie with Murray and a furry puppet.

 CaddyShack has been called one of the funniest movies ever made. Murray stars as the groundskeeper, Carl, who has been given the job of getting rid of the gopher tunneling through the golf course.

Caddyshack poster; Image from IMDb.com

 There are grand plans and simple plans and the simple joy of knowing he can get rid of his ultimate nemesis. I might be talking about the stoner grounds keeper, I might be talking about the gopher.

 I love this movie for taking pot-shots, for being crass and crude at times, for being able to watching comedians get their teeth into good material and work it. I even love the one scene that Murray and Chevy Chase share that was totally improvisational.

 It is a movie that is meant for older teens and adults; leave the grade school children out of the room while watching this movie. Another benefit is the setting of the story at a golf course. A golf course is green and therefore the weather must be warm. Who wouldn’t want to watch one of the best comedies ever that is set in warm weather while we are actually in the middle of winter?

G-Force; Picture from IMDb.com

Now I know some of you out there are going “This post is about ‘Family Movies.’ Neither of these movies are ‘Family Movies’.”  If you want a movie with some cute cuddly creatures in an action/adventure type of setting, why not G-Force which features four cuter-than-cute guinea pigs who are the only hope in the world?

I like parts of this movie but, really, it is fine if the kids just want to watch it by themselves. It might just be too cute for some of the older members of the family unless it is the scenes that Penelope Cruz gives voice to the lone female pig. 

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

Let the world know about your latest pick for Family Movie Night and drop a note below.