Family Movie Night

By Karyn Bowman

I had a column written and ready to go. It was about a major customer service failure that occurred to me over the weekend.

Sometimes, even when a perfectly good column is done and ready to send off you have to set it aside because something better happens. (If you really want to know the story, ask me sometime when you see me out and about.)

Image by Puddleduck

Image by Puddleduck

Monday night was the Christmas Pageant concert at the grade school. And, once again, I am reminded how lucky we are to have Mr. Smith as the band teacher. Maybe, just maybe, there is someone better out there but until I see it, I am not a believer. When I listen to a middle school jazz band sound as good as both jazz bands did, I know it is because of the effort of the teacher in charge.

When I see the wall of awards, hear how kids asked for a second jazz band, and carry the instruments of my own band students (I am on no. 3 right now) because they want to be there, I know there is something special happening in that music room.

It is a simple reminder that the arts really matter in the life of a student. These things add to our life, help us appreciate what is around us. Perhaps you cannot describe with words how a movie or a song makes you feel but you might know your way around a car engine or how to program a computer. Make no mistake those are art forms as well.

It all becomes a matter of finding your talent, the thing that makes you special. Knowing how to fix things, knowing how to create things, knowing how to teach or bring out these skills in others are great skills to have.

White Christmas IMDb comFor whatever reason, the concert made me think of the 1954 Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye musical White Christmas. Perhaps it is a stretch but the post WWII musical tells the story of two performers who are returning to the stage after serving in the army. By chance they meet up with their former commanding general and find out about his Vermont Inn that is not doing so well.

Crosby and Kaye use their skills to help fix up the inn. They also entice a sister duo to join them for the show. Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen make up the sister act and what great singing there is with Rosemary taking the lead. That there are romantic entanglements and mis-understandings is par for the course as is the triumphant ending.

By the time the movie ends, you feel so happy and wonderful it really does not matter how hokey the movie can be in places. That is why this movie remains one of my ‘must-sees’ during the holiday season.

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.