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This is the week in which we think and write down those changes we want to make for the coming year.

Image by PPDigital

We want to stop smoking, lose weight, be kinder to those we love. We want to be better humans or maybe prove that we can finish something. There are dreams rumbling in our hearts and brains that want to come out. Goals and end results that want to be made.

Maybe you do it by completing a marathon, finish writing that book, getting that degree, making partner, becoming a doctor.  

Blogs fill the internet with people working on a goal, a list, a quest. It might be Robert reading the Time’s list of the best books of the modern age. Or maybe it is Maura’s list of 36 things to do before her 37th birthday. Then there is one of the most famous quest blogs – that of Julie cooking every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook.

We see others striving and making it. I see people in the film business who cannot do anything but make movies. I admire people who start their businesses and see it through good times and bad. I wish I was that brave.  

I haven’t written my resolution list yet. I know a few things I want on it. Such as having most of my debt gone by the time I reach 50 in two years. Finish the novel that has stalled. Keeping up with my writing group (those people are kick-ass and I love it). Find a sense of purpose because right now I do not have one.

That is the point of resolutions. They give us a direction, something to strive for, a goal. Those ten pounds don’t lose themselves, we have to work at it to make them go away.

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I say this knowing my oldest is going through the same thing but he is about to turn 20. It is ok for a 20-year-old to feel this way but a 40-something feeling this way is just cliché. Worse yet, I don’t have the money for the little red convertible to go with a mid-life crisis.

While I am muddling through, what I want to know from all of the people who stop by and read my words is how you have gotten through something similar or what resolutions you are planning for this upcoming year.

Happy New Year.


Editor Note: I found this post on finding direction on Freshly Pressed today. I really liked it and hope it helps others who are stuck in place for the moment as I am.


You know that feeling when you have the right amount of energy and your head is feeling clear? Some call it being healthy.

 I am there.

Picture by Doctor Bob

I have energy, actual energy. I want to get out of bed and do stuff. Like my workout or making food or writing a real blog entry. If I am going to sing, I am going to give it my all.

 Bring on that karaoke version of Hound Dog on YouTube.

 It is wonderful to feel totally on again, not just halfway there. My thoughts are not turning to when I can go back to bed or the next cup of hot tea or finding a blanket so I can be a part of the simple goings on in my house (which by the way needs a thorough cleaning). After three weeks spent trying to get over a cold that coupled itself with a nasty cough and nasal congestion, I am thankful for the return of good health. I plan to guard it at all costs.

 All of this down time has helped me make some important decisions. Back in November, I complained about the ennui I was feeling. How I saw many roads and was not sure which to follow. I felt a lack of purpose in my life, a lack of giving and a lack of using my talents to their full potential. 

Picture by Seemann

I decided to go ahead with the magazine. I had done so much research already that I know which printer to use, I know how I want to distribute the magazine, I know the approximate monthly costs. Oh, and I already have a logo thanks to a designer friend of mine. Writers are not hard to find because I know many and believe that others will come along. I have come to realize that sales people are out there and I will find them. The tough part is finding a backer. I am ready to do that.

The next improvement of the year is to find a charity to give my talents to, whether it is a few hours a week or a month. Last week, I called my local Habitat for Humanity and offered my services. I am happy to do whatever but did make the request to do any needed writing.

Picture by Chelle

 Lastly, I am doing an overhaul of my personal appearance. I need a new haircut and to put my wardrobe into one that is well put-together whether it is a casual day or dress up day. After going through catalogs and magazines, I believe it will take only a few pieces to get there. Trouser cut jeans, a black pencil skirt and a wide black belt are the building blocks I need to buy. I can make a few new skirts with material I already have in my stash. The boots that I saw and loved at Prada for Breakfast will have to wait till next fall. 

I have other goals that include getting to a networking situation once a month and finding ways to earn more money until the magazine is up and running. Plans are underway to be a better mom and to be better to myself. I am trying to be reasonable in my goals but understand that doing the little things, one day at a time, is what is going to help me get to the place I want to be.

How are you making this year a better year for you?

The Big 100

This blog entry marks a special number.

Great "100" picture by Hot Black

It is my 100th blog entry.

100 opportunities of spewing my opinion and sharing the fun things of life. And this is how I celebrated.

Yesterday, on the way home from work I began thinking about what I would write. I wanted to keep from being too sentimental, too “yeah me,” too philosophical on what blogging life is for me.

I thought about waxing on how the numbers can get me going everyday, how glad I am to have gotten over 3000 hits, and that I wish more people would begin to comment. But then at the stop light there was this big pick-up truck with two teenage boys laughing.

I looked at them and they looked at me just grinning as the driver revved the engine. I didn’t mean to take it as a dare. But when the light turned green I opened it up and took off. I swear the car might have lifted and pawed into the air.

I was moving ahead of the pick-up when the boys realized what was happening. No self-respecting teenage boy lets a Saturn four-door sedan driven by a mom pass them up. So they kicked it a little higher and their engine growled a little louder. That is when I put the gas pedal to the floor.

I was still ahead of them when their engine made one last rumble. I knew it was over and they were going to pass me. Except a red light and a line of cars were in front of us. Neither of us wanted to play chicken with other people’s lives. So we slowed down and made normal stops.

It was a stupid and irresponsible act on my part. The guilt grew when a state police car started to follow me. Then I remembered that the headquarters for the state police was in the same direction I was going. Suddenly, I could not remember the speed limit. Was it 45 or 55 in this section of road that was not quite country, not quite city.

So I did what most moms do, played it safe at around 48 until he turned off to go back to headquarters. Yet, every part of me enjoyed that moment of feeling the car trying to go faster, move into another gear.

Quite frankly, that could be a metaphor of my life. I began blogging to make myself write after losing a job that I loved. I may have hated my boss and it was time to leave but the actual work I enjoyed. In blogging, I force myself to learn how to take and put up pictures, write on a variety of topics and explore other blogs.

Have a piece of cake to celebrate. Picture by Mensatic.

I have read other people’s work and read articles on how to attract regular visitors. I took cues from what people read the most and adapted some of my posts to those topics specifically.

So where does one go from here? In the words of Albus Dumbledore, one goes on. Who knows where that is or where it leads. I am ready to end the pity party, to move on, to get things in order to start something new.

Are you willing to come along for the ride?