Of all of the interesting stuff I have seen in regards to President Obama one of most perplexing out there is about Snopes.com.

For those of us who routinely get spam e-mail with bad information, Snopes.com has been useful in debunking the urban legends racing across the internet.

Image from snopes.com

I recently had it spat out at me that Snopes is funded by George Soros, a liberal rich guy who allegedly funds various outlets. Guess who started this one?

Wait for it!

One of our favorite conservative talkers – Glenn Beck. Or not.

Traces back to his show on May 31, 2010, Beck stated that Soros backs Snopes.com and therefore should not be trusted as this makes them a liberal shill. In the next statement, Beck states that he and his team uses Snopes.com all of the time for information, saying what a great resource Snopes can be.

Before that, Another source states this information as well in May 2010.  What this blogger fails to do is find out that Snopes co-founder Gregg Mikkelson is actually a register republican voter. And that his wife, Barbara is Canadian and ineligible to vote here. Truthorfiction.com found origins of the Snopes/Soros dating back to 2008.

The problem is there are many emails about Obama and what he said or did here or there. People who are politically opposed do not want to believe he is who he is. They can’t believe the paper work that is out there, the history that is out there. How can that not be his picture on a Columbia ID in a style that was not even used by Columbia before 1996.

According to the haters, Obama seemingly failed up the ladder after taking advantage of the affirmative action advantages available during his college years. And mixed in all of that are the fact checking sites which deny some of the crazier stuff.

So what have I found out? Media Matters is funded by Soros, Snopes is not. FactCheck is partially funded by Annenberg Foundation, whose head gave money to John McCain in his presidential run, but Snopes is not.  TruthOrFiction has verified that Snopes is who they say they say they are and not funded by Soros.

With that in mind I checked out how Snopes treated former President Bush. If they really are a liberal front, would they not make sure to print falsehoods about Bush such as using the word ‘feces’ instead of ‘fetus.’ Or holding a book upside down.

What I found is that Snopes was fair to Bush. Stories that would make him look like the village idiot or a racist were proven false. Some stories that put him high on a pedestal were proven false. And some that show him as a human with good qualities were proven true.

Then I checked to see what they have on Mitt Romney. Again, it looked pretty fair and balanced.

Snopes appears to tell the truth about democrats and republicans.

So what does that tell a person?

There must be a secret conspiracy somewhere. No media outlet could be that unbiased, could it?