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So I have had these leftover tortilla shells hanging around the house. They were getting dried out and hard.

Oh, so nasty.

But I am also not one to waste food. It has become one of my pet peeves. That is when I began looking for recipes for Tortilla Soup. I was rewarded when I found a recipe at Simply Recipes that made four servings. With seven of us at the table I knew I had to double the recipe.

Tortilla Soup with toppings

The day that I was making soup was going to be a busy day as I wanted to be out in the garden as much as possible and the husband wanted to do a hike with the kids and the dog.

Hello, crockpot!

Garlic, Banana Pepper and Onion

So I start the basis of the broth by dicing a medium onion and a deseeded banana pepper with  a pressed clove of garlic. Then I sauted them together in a pan. Once they were ready, I placed the mixture in the crockpot with the broth mixture.

Broth of Tortilla Soup

The crockpot contained 6 cups of chicken broth, 2 cups of water, 1 can of diced tomatoes, 1 cup of diced Roma tomatoes from my garden and one can of chicken (drained). I usually rinse and drain the chicken because I hate the salt content in canned chicken. This mixture was in the crockpot for about 4-5 hours.

Tortilla Strips

About a half an hour before serving the meal I cut my five flour tortillas into strips. Then I made my frying pan smoking hot, added a little sesame seed and threw in the strips. Once they were browned, I put them into a bowl for serving.

This is how I set up each bowl. I put a handful of tortillas in each bowl – more or less depending on who was eating it. Then I gave each bowl a ladleful of the soup. Each person was free to put on their own toppings. The kids choose cheese or sour cream. I did avacado slices and cheese. The husband did chives, avacado, sour cream and cheese (he believes that more is more).

The end result? Empty bowls all around the table and only enough leftovers for one lunch.

Guess they liked it.

What has been a big hit in your house?

Sunday Roast Beef

Sunday evening for our family is the big dinner night. One member plans the meals. All except for the youngest cooks the meal.
This week was Sam’s turn and his suggestion was deer meat. Alas, no deer wandered by my husband’s deer stand this year and we have no deer meat.  I quickly suggested Pot Roast and he thought that was a great idea. So here is the recipe and the steps.

Roast Beef Ingredients

I started with a three-pound chuck roast, coating it with a spiced flour mixture that includes salt, pepper, cinnamon and garlic. That is when it goes in the fry pan to brown the outer portion. I also quartered 8 medium-sized potatoes, sliced 3 carrots and 1/2 purple onion, and added some leftover quartered mushrooms. 

Roast Beef in the crock pot

While the meat is browning, I load the crock pot. First the onions, then the potatoes to be followed by the carrots. The meat goes on top of the vegetables and the mushrooms top the meat. I add water to the top of the vegetables, cover and place the crock pot on high for hours. For this meal, it was a total of six hours. At hour five, I add red wine for more flavor.

Roast Beef in the Serving Dish

Right before I took the meat out I placed biscuits in the oven. Then I put the dog in the office so he will not make an attempt to steal our dinner (he would if he could). That is when I scoop the meat onto the serving dish with the potatoes, carrots, onion and mushrooms surrounding the meat.

By the time we finished supper, there was enough food for one person to have lunch the next day.  It is the kind of meal that is simple and satisfying. Comfort food at it’s best.