Product Thursday

Can you eat too much fried food?

As an adult the answer has to be yes. Considering this is fair week, the bulk of our suppers have been at fair, which means a lot of fried food. For kids the answer is a reply – “there is such a thing as too much?”

The Magical Elephant Ears and Funnel Cakes Stand.

This week, Product Thursday is doing the sacrifice of eating both a funnel cake and an elephant ear. We want an answer to the question of which is better. Since no one is willing to answer it, I will have to go the distance and make the big sacrifice.


In the fryer together

The choices were staggering. Caramel apple, Boston cream, simply chocolate covered or plain ole elephant ears with the cinnamon sugar. It was all a taste sensation.


I boldly went up and requested an elephant ear and a funnel cake. The woman in the stand happily took my $10 and wondered (inside her head) what kind of idiot I was. After I took a picture or two, I explained what I was doing, that me and the little taste testers were determining which was better.

Putting on the cinnamon-sugar.

The ladies laughed and said it was  all good. One has cinnamon sugar and the other is covered with powdered sugar.

I agreed. Who can not love something that is flour, sugar and hot oil?
I ask about the fried oreo on a sign on the outside of the booth and the ladies reply that people report it is like eating a brownie fresh out of the oven. I am going to have to try that tomorrow. Today, my focus is on something else that is also deep fried.

Powdered sugar in a wire mesh basket raining on a funnel cake.

Sara is demanding all first bite rights. Maybe she got it, maybe she didn’t. There was a lot of “heys” and “no fairs” and perhaps a sigh or two from the parents. But then we begin eating.

Suddenly, I realize that the elephant ear has a bit of a yeasty taste to it. The husband notes it is like eating a donut.
The funnel cake has a sweeter and lighter taste. And there is the crunch factor. Funnel cakes manage to be crunchy and soft with each bite.

Eating it up.

Now, I ask the hard question. Which is better? Elephant ears are yeasty goodness, funnel cakes are more like pancakes.

The table states it is the funnel cake but they like the elephant ear, too.
We finish the funnel cake first and yet there is a fight to see who will get the last bite of the elephant ear.

Funnel Cake and Elephant Ear, together for a very short time.

I think we are still divided.

Thank goodness this is one question that will not decide the fate of the nation.
Do you have a preference?