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Opening Day

As spring is here, warmer weather is following. With that warmer weather comes opening day for the drive-in movie theaters.

Harvest Moon Drive InEvery time I mention drive-in, people get excited and want to know where I go to find one. The closest one to our home is in Gibson City called the Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In. This place is great because it has two screens, one that shows a more ‘family’ oriented movie and the other that shows something a bit more adult. Check out their Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In.

This past weekend, the choices were Zootopia and the new Batman vs. Superman movie. We went for Zootopia for no other reason than it was getting great reviews from a bevy of critics. And one of the kids expressed interest. And the husband really wanted to go to the drive in.

Well, why not. The drive is only about an hour away. We sit outside of the car with jackets and blankets on to keep warm. We can bring in our own food for a $5 fee that gets us a free large popcorn. And how can I turn down deep fried cheese curds or the funnel cake sundae?

funnel cake sundae

funnel cake sundae with chocolate sauce


Which explains why I am willing to pack up on a Friday night with blankets, chairs, snacks, and five kids to see a movie about which I know nothing.

I do know the basic premise. In a world where animals are like people and there are different zones for different geographical areas, there is one big town and that is Zootopia. Somewhere in a small farming town, a bunny wants to become a police officer in the big city. Her chances are slim because she is a small and tiny bunny. How is she to take down big bad criminals?

Except that the bunny, Judy Hopps, works hard and becomes the valedictorian of her class at the police academy. Her reward is to be assigned as a meter maid. While Judy wants to solve crimes, she decides to be the best at her job. That is until one day she stops a thief, saving a tiny creature in the process. That leads to Judy being assigned to solve a case regarding missing predators by the big chief but she has only 48 hours to do so. If she does not solve the case, Judy must resign from the force.

But to solve this case requires help. Judy gets Nick Wilde, a fox, to help her. She might have to use a few tricks to force him to help but this is no dumb bunny. Can they figure out why predators are going missing and who is behind the whole scheme? Probably but let me just say that this was a fun movie. I had low expectations but was pleasantly surprised.

I thought the movie was going to be lame and trite. Well, it was in spots. Some of the scenes were exactly what you would think they were going to turn out. But I also found myself liking different parts, such as parents being relieved their daughter was not in a dangerous position on the force. Or how Judy has such a difficult time dealing with the sloth at the DMV. This movie is a fun buddy movie, a police procedural for kids.

But let me give a word of warning. One of my friends took his 5-year-old who became scared of the predators and had to leave the theater. If you know your child scares easy, this might not be the film you want to go see. My 14-year-old thought it was a bit dark for a kids movie and I am not sure I disagree with her.  Otherwise, it is a bit of fun and perfect if you happen to be going to a drive-in theater in which it is ok if young kids move around and talk during the movie.

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

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Family Movie Night

by Karyn Bowman

It is that time of year again despite the rain and the cold.

I might mean summer time in general but in specific I am talking about the movies with loud sound tracks and great stunts.

Image from IMDb.com

Image from IMDb.com

I was thinking about this as my 16-year-old reported what he liked about the latest Fast and the Furious movie. The story is about our favorite gang of car thieves living in a country that is not their own. That is when a government agent comes offering full pardons if they will help out with one more job. Oh, and there is a surprise guest as well.

My son did not talk about character development. He did not talk about great dialogue. What he talked about were fast moving cars, driven by men willing to do some crazy stunts.

While some of my family members described this movie as being about fast cars, macho-acting guys, and girls in bikinis, it is also a movie about one last desperate attempt for love and for freedom. There is one line that told me the depth of that love, the amount of risk a person was willing to go through to save that other person.

This aspect almost makes me want to go see this movie. My husband declared it might be one of the few movies as of late that is worthwhile seeing in 3D. I think the stunts I have seen in the trailer are 3D worthy but to be honest, I am not happy with 3D. The colors are murky at best, the 3D action never lives up to its hype. Plus, it give me motion-sickness almost every single time because the screen never stops moving.

Where I plan to see this movie in in the drive-in. Why do we love going there? Fidgeting kids do not draw the ire of other patrons because they have fidgety kids, too. Most allow you to bring in your own food and the best ones have a green area where a game of catch or frisbee can easily occur before the movie or during intermission. While it is an hour to the closest drive-in theater, we are lucky enough to be near three such theaters.

The first is the Lake Shore in Monticello near Indiana Beach. They have two screen which show a double feature. One screen has more adult type films while the other goes for more family friendly fare most of the time. The green space in Okay while the concession stand has some good choices.

funnel cake sundaeMy second choice, and the theater we go to the most, is the Harvest Moon Twin Drive-In. Most of the movies through out the year are family friendly. The concession stand has some great offerings and the green space is fantastic. I love this theater and do what I can to help keep it going. While we tend to bring our own food and drink (perfectly allowable), I always try to buy something at the concession stand. The Harvest Moon is home of the Funnel Cake Sundae. Tasty!

49'er logo facebook

Image from 49’er Drive-in Theater Facebook page

Finally, my favorite drive-in is the 49’er in Valpraiso, Indiana with a drive more like on hour and forty-five minutes. But the green space is incredibly large. The concession stand has a lot of tasty treats. Plus, off duty police officers are the security guys. Most of the time it is a family fare double-feature. Talk about smorgasbord of delights.

I am not sure I can think of a better way to spend a summer night.

Until Next Week, see you in the rental aisle.