Why do we love what we love?

I, truly, have no idea.

2011 Chevy Equinox, Picture from anycarinfo.com

Last week I made a reference about my favorite crossover vehicle. I didn’t name it but it is the Chevy Equinox. I have no idea what it is about this car. When I look at it I find myself drawn to the lines, the hatchback and the size. I can see my family toodleling around in the car with the dog in the hatchback area. It may not hold as many people as my mini-van used to but I think I am ready for that.

What I love most is the red color. It is crimson with a touch of orange in the mix. It attracts me and makes me want to have the car no matter what.

This is one color I cannot wear. I have rosacea and a red top just makes it more apparent. When I wear red it seems as if my face glows like Rudolph during flight. Granted, the rosacea is much better than it used to be. I used to get angry red bumps from cheek to cheek.

So I changed my diet by dropping soda and adding green tea. I wear lotion with SPF 15 and drink lots of water. And I have stopped wearing red. All of these tactics make my cheeks look better. But it has not ended my love affair with the color.

Picture by Chelle

I find myself attracted to red fabrics for quilting. I like adding touches of red in my home decor and there is nothing like a deep red tomato nestled against mayonnaise in a sandwich. When I see this car and others in the same hue, I can not stop looking at them.

I want that car!!!!

Reality says this is not happening for a while. Reality says I need to get budget problems under control and then the next new car I buy will only be new to me.

Reality really stinks sometimes.

Picture by Bowlingranny

So in the meantime I am enjoying the view and hoping that when everything gets better, there will be a red crossover vehicle in my driveway, right next to my red roses.