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Are you a youth group leader?

Then you know what I am about to say is true.

Picture by Xandert

Picture by Xandert

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we get stale. How many times can we do the same lesson to a bunch of kids who may or may not want to listen?

There is a scene in Soul Surfer in which the kids are listening to their youth group leader  quietly and attentively.

That was real fiction because I have never had that happen. When I mention it to the kids, they usually say “you know that is a movie, right? It is not real life.”

So the other night when the kids gathered, I asked then to pair up and gave them six pieces of paper. I tried to hum the theme song from “The Dating Game” before I announced that tonight we were going to play a new game.

I called it “Things I Don’t Remember Talking About in Youth Group?” or something similar.

The kids laughed because they realized I wanted to make what we talk about fun but not like a test. At some point I wanted to see if they remembered anything we talk about because most of the time they are busy trying to out-talk me.

The five questions went like this:

*Who was the guy who freed the Jews from Egypt?

* Name one of Jacob’s two wives.

* What was the first name that Paul went by?

* Name six of the twelve disciples?

* Where was Jesus born and where did he die?

Bonus Question: How many people did David have to kill to prove to Saul he was worthy of being King?

The answers were pretty interesting, especially when everyone remember Rachel but not Leah. And the most disciples anyone could remember was four. Well, guess what the next few lessons will be focusing on. Yep, we are learning about each disciple.

Poster Image from IMDb.com

Poster Image from IMDb.com

As we move close to Easter and the resurrection, it is important to know about the men who kept the movement going after Jesus left the earth.

I am not sure if I will go into the deaths of each man but their lives before meeting holds interesting facts. None of these men were perfect, like the rest of us.

I can’t wait for next week’s youth group. I just need a way to make it fun.

Suggestions, anyone?


I know other bloggers must go through what I am going through today.

I had a topic that I wanted to write about, an oldie that gets me riled to fantastic measures.

Then Egypt happened. And a neighbor who was only 33 died.

Picture by Embalu

On TV, I see the pictures of rioting, I hear reports of the police and the army protecting what they can. But then I hear that the trash is being picked up and the subway is running. That has not stopped  people from gathering to protect their neighborhoods.

People are seeing their country’s government break down and be re-born. I can’t imagine what is going through the heads of the ‘regular’ people.

Nor can I imagine what my neighbor is going through. Her husband, who was only 33, has died. All week there have been cars at her house, people are surrounding her and her girls. We did not speak, not because of any problems. I just never saw them despite our kids being similar in age.

I guess that happens in neighborhoods. There are a bunch of people in my neighborhood that I would talk to if I ever saw them outside of their houses. They have kids, we have kids. But to talk to people you have to get out of the house. To talk to people, you have to make the effort to say hello when you see them at games or concerts. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.

Picture by Click

My thoughts are with her as the family has the funeral and I plan to send a card later in the week. In the back of my mind, no matter what I am doing,  is the constant thought of wondering how she and the girls are surviving this loss, this huge loss at such a young age.

I also think about my pastor and his wife who lost their 33 y.o. son a year ago. We are not meant to bury our children. And yet, they have and mourned the loss with every holiday and special event. The anniversary of his death is coming up and all of us at church are trying to remember them in our prayers and actions.

To write about anything else seems trivial and pointless. By Wednesday, I might be ready to be more silly.