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This Sunday, our family will be watching the Oscars. My son states that some day he will be an actor and should watch it while I love the celebration of it all.

Most of the time Oscar movies are known for being serious and thought -provoking. These movies are imbued with social commentaries on the American lifestyle.

One of the few exceptions I can think of is Shakespeare In Love which was a dizzying romp about a love affair Shakespeare might have had. Plus I loved the performance within a performance aspect of the movie.

If Oscar movies are filled with deeper meanings, is it fair to say that other movies are not? Considering that a variety of horror movies are having a say about something why not some of these far out comedies?

 This past week, the husband and I watched The Hangover and he began noticing little commentaries all over the place. He pointed out the Chinese guy saying “fat guy falling is funny. Is only funny because it is a fat guy.”

While my husband contends that this is Asian humor, I would say that we have been laughing at fat guys in the movies ever since Fatty Arbuckle during the Silent Movie era. Slap stick is funny. And we laugh whenever someone gets hurt. Isn’t that the true appeal of Funniest Home Videos?

Another interesting commentary is about domestic violence. In this case, the victim is a guy who has a very suspicious significant other. They are not married but she constantly checks his credit card records and gets angry when he does not answer her calls. Plus she is displaying this very classic abuser behavior after having an affair of her own. The guy justifies his partner’s behavior by brushing it off or making light of the affair.

When the denouement occurs at the end of the movie, we are happy and cheering for the guy. Would we be doing the same for a woman?  That theme seems ripe for digging into and exploring.

More than anything, The Hangover is a total guy movie. The events are things that might happen to guys who are in Vegas and ingest more alcohol and drugs than they should. Even the father-in-law brushes off the groom being late to the wedding by saying ‘that’s Vegas.’ We excuse some terrible behavior because it all happened in Vegas. No where else would kidnapping a tiger that belongs to a celebrity be ok.

These men are allowed to be kids on this trip because otherwise they are professionals with serious relationships and/or families. Professionals who may or may not be happy in their life. Does their unhappiness condone this behavior? That is something I would like to think about.

By the way, I would not suggest The Hangover for the younger set. It is a firm “R” rating and should be treated as such.

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

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The Oscars™ are going to be held on March 7 this year and the Bowman house is getting ready for the Celebration.

David has requested to be in charge of the Oscar Supper, usually my domain, because of his plans to be an actor some day. He wants to serve pizza and I requested he make one or two of them something Wolfgang Puck would make for his Hollywood restaurant.

I keep joking that one has to be made of goat cheese.  Now, I am wondering where I can find goat cheese in the Kankakee area. Suggestions anyone?

What I am also  trying to do is see as many of the nominated films as possible. We took out Julie and Julia a few weeks ago. Inglorious Bastards is available for rental as is The Hurt Locker.

Last week we crossed another off the list when the family watched Up. My family had seen it in the theater and I missed out. While the kids were waiting for the good parts, I was seeing this movie for the charming tale the Pixar crew had created.

Every time I see a title by Pixar that I want to doubt, they come back with something great. I thought Finding Nemo was going to reek more than dead fish, that Wall-E was going be a bucket of missing parts. Cars was a sign that these guys were starting to run low on ideas; and that movie was better than most animation out there.

Yet, Pixar is a company that never fails to impress, to go out on a limb creatively, and never fails to entertain.

 I felt all of this with Up. There were so many moments that made me want to cry, that made me want to cheer. I worked for years in the healthcare system and knew a lot of couples as devoted as Carl and Ellie.

 While I enjoyed the first part of the movie, the kids loved the second half when Carl goes off on his grand adventure. Who could ever imagine that balloons could carry off a house to South America? Or that a childhood hero could still be alive? And through it all you learn how to live again?

 There is a lot to like in this movie even if it is hard to believe a 78 year-old man can pull a balloon-lifted house across a canyon. It is a movie all family members can watch AND enjoy together.

 Maybe Up is not deserving of an Oscar™ Best Picture nomination but it is certainly deserving of being viewed again for its bravery, for delivering a great message, and for willing to think that inside the heart of a septuagenarian lives a seven-year-old waiting to explore the world.

Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.

Let the world, or at least St. Anne, know your family’s recent selection by dropping a line to momgoestothemovies@sbcglobal.net. You can also ‘friend’ me on Facebook.