I did it. The button was there and I did it.

Picture by Doctor Bob

Just the other week, I was tempted to click on that button to tell me how to lose belly fat quickly and effortlessly.

Another promised to tell me the three foods that makes a belly grow instead of shrink. And in the tile was a beautiful plate of corn-on-the-cob.  So I did it. I directed my cursor over and clicked on it.

Bah!!! Just another 30 minutes of listening to a guy talk about his great program without giving away any details. No wait, I am wrong. He did give me the detail that his program was on sale for $39.99 and then I could find out how to turn my body into a fat-burning furnace.

There is no need for special foods or a diet or exercise. My body would lose weight once I knew the secret – his secret – to create a new me. And he talked about how all those other ‘diet’ plans only succeeded in stealing my money.

Like he isn’t trying to do the same thing with his phony little script.

I wonder if that plan works as well as the one that siphons off the fat because it cleanses your colon. Working with the acai berry, the colon cleanser performs miracles. I didn’t buy that one either. But someone else did who tried to have “The Fixer” from the Chicago Sun-Times get her money back. All she got was inches of paperwork telling her no refund was in sight.

In my quest to take inches off of my belly, I have searched articles for little tips and foods that could help in my quest. I have read many interesting but non-research based lists telling me and the world how to get rid of the bulge that makes me look as if I am pregnant when I am not.

And I do follow a couple of those crazy tips. I drink a 16 oz. bottle of cold water first thing in the morning. I found it in an article about getting a six-pack in a men’s magazine. The excuse may have that the body has to work hard to convert the cold water to body temperature.

What it does for me is to maintain a good amount of water going through and making sure I reach my goal of 64 oz per day.

Picture by Jeltovski

The other weird thing I do is … eat fresh fruits, 6 oz. of  yogurt and try for wheat bread whenever possible. That’s right, I am trying to eat healthy foods that are designed to naturally clean out the body.

 I am practicing moderation – not a gobblefest – everyday. After reading stories of people who lost the weight and kept it off I have come to realize it takes effort and will power to lose the weight.

Or – in the words of Julie Haddon – Eat Less and Move More.

There is no other explanation for the three inches I have recently lost from my tummy. There is no shakes or potions or whey powder in my diet. I can see my feet again. My measurements are now 37-43-43 which is on the good side. They used to be 40-48-45.

At some point I began reading stories about the connection between big bellies and diabetes and/or heart problems. One article stated your belly should measure no more than half your height.

That meant I needed to be nearly eight feet tall in order for my tummy fat to fit my body. At this point I need to find my way to just over seven feet of

Picture from realsimple.com

height. Sadly, I am no longer in the growing up stage of life. But the good news is after seeing those five inches disappear, three of them in the last few months,  I only need eight more to do likewise.

After my morning walk, please pass the fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt!