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Dress Cookies

Product Thursday

This past weekend was busy because we had a birthday party.

My girl had her party late so it coincided with Garage Sale Weekend. Did I mention that we had a garage sale? And that on Friday night the husband took one boy to a friend’s birthday party in the city. And that our daughter shot the rest of the movie on Saturday. And she had softball practice on Saturday afternoon. And our church choir performed Sunday morning.

Never again is party going to coincide with garage sale weekend.

AmericanGirl Dazzling Desserts; Image from Store.AmericanGirl.com

Anyway, one of the activities I plan for her party is to decorate cupcakes. It is fun and the girls like it. But this year the girls are ten. They are too old for such nonsense. So we made dress cookies and decorated those.

We have had this kit from AmericanGirl for some time and I am always meaning to make it up. The time had come so I used a sugar cookie mix. Once the dough had chilled, I rolled it out and cutout about 14 cookies.

The dress cookie cutterI set the girls up with frosting, food coloring and sprinkles. I gave them little bowls to make colored frosting. They went to work, creating colors and using Betty Crocker markers to create even more cool designs. When the girls left, I gave them their cookies in a nice lacy patterned bag.


Blue and Brown

Swirly dress

These dresses looked so pretty. I almost wish I was clever enough to dye fabric to make into real dresses.

The kit comes with other shape cutters and a recipe book with a bunch of ideas. This was our first start and we plan to look through the book for more ideas.
What do you have the kids do during their birthday parties?
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What I Wore to a Dinner

One of the things I hate doing is shopping for clothes.

Considering the weight I have lost in the past year, you would think it is something I love to do. Granted my tummy is smaller than it was and I am  losing my third chin. It is trying on everything and being mocked by my own image in the mirror that I hate.

I am not the only one; Caitlin of Broadside just wrote about her adventures in clothing shopping as she gets ready for a book publicity tour. (If I wasn’t excited for her I would be really jealous. But I am truly excited) She found great items with the help of three people making her get out of her comfort zone.

Picture by Cohdra

During my last sewing day I learned that to measure correctly for tops you have to do it from the top of the bust. Fourteen inches from left to right is a size 14. Every half inch from there is another size up. And when I learned that I was really a size 20, my heart went to the stomach.

Really? After all that work I am STILL a size 20?

Do you know what is even harder than losing that weight? Finding clothing that is cute and stylish without looking like tent. My last great dress was a size 20. It was a brown wrap dress, a true wrap. I loved it because it showed off my good parts.

As I have dropped weight it began to look huge on me. I could not wrap it tight enough to make up for the extra material. So I gave it away. And I did not have a great “dress up” dress.

This is not a problem as I seldom go anywhere needing that kind of dressing.

Then my husband was given tickets for an event that required dressing up. I needed to look good so the daughter and I went shopping. We went to one store then another. I tried on several dresses that ended up being too tight, no the right style, not the right color. One dress that we both agreed on looked cute on the mannequin and looked awful on me.

Dress from Kohl's, picture by me

Finally, we found one that looked good, accented the right parts of my body without being black or pink.

While black is the background color, it is not the only color. Bottle green, turquoise blue and white are some of the other colors. The night I wore this dress, I paired it with an unpolished turquoise pendant and a black cardigan. In the store it had been paired with a statement necklace of clear stones.

Perhaps I can make a necklace from a clear green crystal to go with this dress. It would certainly add another dimension with a color that is a small part of the design.

The other night the daughter and I were watching Dancing With The Stars (could Kirstie dance away with the trophy?) when we saw a Kohl’s commercial come on and I saw the cutest pair of shoes. Of course, now I cannot find the ones I saw but I did find these.

Dolce by Mojo Moxy Inferno Peep-toe platform high heels, image from Kohls.com

Perhaps, this should be my next shoe purchase.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
Have you added anything to the wardrobe?