It is that time of the month again to talk about books that one would classify as chick lit.

I have been doing this reading challenge set up by Chick Lit Plus and it has been a blast to make myself read some new books. Thanks to Samantha for hosting this challenge.

This month, I chose It Takes a Witch By Heather Blake. Heather is a part of the Deadly Divas, a group of mystery writers who know how to put on their boas and have fun. I get regular postcards with book covers on them. I think they make great art for my refrigerator so I will remember to go buy the books.

While this book is not by a new author, it is the first in her new Wishcraft mystery series. Heather normally write under the name of Heather Webber.

Book cover image from Barnes&

The story takes place in Salem, Mass, home of all things wonderfully witchy. What visitors to Enchanted Village do not know is that this is one of the few places where crafters live together, knowingly.

Merriweather sisters, Darcy and Harper, have recently moved in with their Aunt Ve after learning that their mother was a crafter. It was a fact their father never wanted the girls to know. But since his recent death, Aunt Ve told the girls the truth about their mother –  and themselves. They decide to leave Ohio to live with Aunt Ve and figure out the next part of their lives.

We meet Darcy as she is to play the tooth fairy, complete with a pink tutu and glitter. But soon Darcy is on the heels of a mystery when a prickly young woman is found dead in the back alley and the mayor of the town is holding the gun. That he is also Aunt Ve’s boyfriend makes things more personal.

Darcy is slowly learning the ways of a wish crafter, making new friends, and working out clues in order to save her aunt’s beau. A complication in all of this is Nick Sawyer, a former police officer Darcy wishes she was not attracted to because she is still recovering from her divorce of two years back.

I read this book in a day and loved every moment. Ok, most moments but I wanted to read more. The characters were fun, and the witchiness was not played too cutely, although when the whole town is set up for it, how can it not?

Most mysteries give away the clues and you are left catching up to the character. But this time, I was nowhere near to close. And there is a surprise at the end that you may not have guessed at all.

Since this is the first in a series, I know I am going to pick up more of these books as I can. When the next book comes out in September of this year, I will be ready and waiting.

Have you read anything new recently?