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After the Feasting…

Family Movie Night


By Karyn Bowman


Do you have thanksgiving traditions that must be honored?


For us it is the green bean casserole. The husband loves it and feels it must be on the table in order for the meal to be complete. The kids must have jellied cranberry sauce although one year I picked up whole berry by mistake. Kids hated it, the adults loved it.


I try to change things up a little every year. I might make a different side dish, put something a little different on the relish plate, or try a cheesecake instead of pie.


But this year I have no such plans. It will be our favorites all the way.


I feel the same way about the movies we will watch. I really want to keep it to the old favorites this year.


Image from IMDb.comThe husband and I will probably stay up to watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles which stars the late John Candy and Steve Martin. These two men are trying to get home for the holiday after a snowstorm takes down their plane from NYC, sends them on a train south of where they need to be before finally getting home. Martin plays the persnickety advertising agency guy while Candy is the likable traveling salesman.


That these guys are an odd couple who do not get along is a part of the usual plot. But they are relying on each other to get home to the ones that they love and that can make for different dynamics. I am also taken by the differences in their personalities. A guy can be pretty prickly when his home is all it needs to be and the outside world cannot compare. Another guy can be friendly and maybe a bit annoying when his home is missing the one he loves the most.


This movie is more adult in context and there are a few scenes that have innuendos that may not be appropriate for the younger kids.


Image from IMDb.com

For whole family watching, there is always Miracle on 34th Street about an old man who is considered crazy because he says he is Santa Claus. A new version with Richard Attenborough exists although I prefer the 1947 film with Edmund Gwynn as Kris Kringle. It is a movie I love and probably know the script by heart.


But let’s say you want something a little different with lots of noise, gun fights, and explosions. The other week our family finally watched Cowboys and Aliens. The movie follows a tradition western set up. A lone man comes to a town, manages to get into a fight with the son of the richest man in

Poster Image from IMDb.com

town and becomes a target.


Then the alien ships show up and steal some of the town’s people, including the rich man’s son. This is not going to be your usual posse and you may not believe how it all works out.

I found it was a good movie for pre-teens and up, although my 8-year-old watched it without any ill effects. And did I mention that Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford are in this movie? Their performances really make it worthwhile.


Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.


Family Movie Night


by Karyn Bowman


The other night I knew what movie I wanted to watch once the kids were in bed.


It was a movie meant for adults that was bad but funny. And it was not available.


That almost ruined the night for me until I realized I could watch something else I had wanted to see.


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sitting on the shelf. I wanted to see this movie ever since it came out in the theaters but there was always a reason why we could not get out.


Poster Image from IMDb.com

There were family activities or I knew I was tired or… Plenty of excuses. This time there would be no excuses. I knew going in that we would have to get the littler kids up to bed because there was no way I was letting them watch an ‘R’ rated movie. I did allow my 15-year-old to stay but he grew tired and went to bed about ½ hour in.


The story is about an investigative journalist (Daniel Craig) who has been disgraced and forced to use up his life savings because of a story he wrote about a rich man who may or may not have had ‘connections.’ That is when he is offered a job with a rich industrialist family to write a memoir.  


But in reality he is looking for the lost niece of his employer. She disappeared 40 years prior and has never been found. No one knows what ever happened to her and the uncle wants that mystery solved.


At the same time we are following a young woman (Rooney Mara) with a large tattoo, lots of piercings and a strange haircut. We see her meet with an official who makes her give him favors she does not want to give. We see that she is a gifted researcher who has a broken soul.


Eventually, the two come together when the reporter realizes he needs an assistant and the one he wants is the one who did a background search on himself. These are two people who are intense researchers, intense thinkers who connect on this case as neither expected.


This movie is based on the novel and Swedish film of the same name. There is a constant darkness and feeling of doom. The sets are stark but not overly so. The pace of the movie is slow as we learn the story and get to know the key players. There are stark moments of violence as well as passion. I loved the dialogue, the way the characters were different from what I expected.


For those who love foreign movies or those with a European flair, this is an excellent choice. Be aware before you rent it that there is some heavy duty swearing as well as some intense sex scenes. Our heroine is not a perfect soul but she is brave.


The more I think about the movie the more I admire The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.



Until next week, see you in the rental aisle.